Why northern support services are a smart option for London businesses

Until recently, there’s been an imbalance in the economy in terms of most businesses choosing to locate their corporate centres in London and the South East of England.

However, there are a growing number of businesses who have taken advantage of the improved transport links between the capital and the big cities of the north and relocated significant parts of their operations there — the BBC and HSBC are good examples.

There’s also an emerging hybrid model which enables smaller and medium sized enterprises to take advantage of the cost efficiencies associated with the north — sometimes as much as half the price you’d pay in London — whilst maintaining a presence in the capital.

In the current economic climate, it makes sense to review your business from time to time and assess whether cost and efficiency savings can be made.

Not only is outsourcing professional support services to the north of the UK an excellent way of keeping a close eye on your costs, it also means you can still boast a ‘fully UK-based’ business, following service industry operators such as EE and First Direct bank.

These firms regard UK call centres as a major USP (Unique Selling Proposition), giving them an edge over competitors with overseas call centres.

The following support and professional services are easily outsourced.


Many London businesses are looking to legal process outsourcing to cut costs and access essential specialist legal advice as and when it’s needed. Using Yorkshire based national lawyers like Switalskis Solicitors is a great way of ensuring that you can access the right legal support for your business at the right time, such as business crime law and fraud (both growing concerns in Britain).


Rules and regulations in HR continue to change apace and, unless you’ve got the time and money to invest in your HR employees, outsourcing personnel support services is a good option for many UK businesses.

A business partner such as outsourced HR services provider Solutions for HR offers a flexible approach to providing generalist HR advice, alongside the skills and knowledge needed to ensure your business remains compliant with all the relevant employment legislation.


Technology is a critical aspect of most UK businesses today. And it’s also one of the support functions which can easily be outsourced.

When you’re looking for an IT business partner, you need someone that offers peace of mind that your business can run effectively 24/7. While price is a consideration, effectiveness should be your top priority. Look for an IT support service provider like Sydo who can promise favourable average fix times for technical issues, as well as a firm who has prior experience working within your sector.

These are our convincing reasons why northern support services are a smart option for London businesses. Can you think of others we’ve missed? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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