The Reason Why Millennials Don’t Want the Typical Office Job

According to the report, more than 70% of millennials would want to be their own bosses. To them, being their own boss comes with a lot of freedom and it is a certain lifestyle of one making their own decisions.

Given the level of technology we have today, anyone can actually become anything they wanted to become. This is by making proper use of the available aspirations and tools.

Being the CEO of an advertising agency which has employed millennials, I try as much as possible to make them feel as valuable assets to our company. I would like to show the world that having a company run by millennial employees can be successful.

Can the Millennials Hold the Pressure that Comes With Freedom?

Millennials are believed to be the most creative and anxious generation. They have been diagnosed to suffer more from anxiety disorders compared to baby boomers.

The cause of millennial anxiety could be the stressful tough job market added to the burden of student debts. The situation could be aggravated further by the difficulty of landing a job after graduation.

A typical job which requires at least eight hours of sitting behind a desk doesn’t augur well with a person suffering anxiety disorder This is made worse if one isn’t passionate about the job they are doing.

This is the reason why at our company, we allow the millennials to be their own bosses and run things as they would wish. We also allow our employees to come to work with their dogs. This move helps in alleviating work-related stress.

Redefining How the Office Works

Millenials are more comfortable with a boss who allows them flexible working hours. The reason that millennials loathe being employed is the constant nagging fear that they aren’t doing their best.

They want to prove to anyone who cares that their college degrees mean something. The millennials are also interested in showing off their talents. Mostly, you will find out that the millennials don’t want an office job because it’s not what they worked for.

Millenials are looking for a job opportunity which can sustain their lifestyles. They want slob that offers them financial security as they want to live on their own.

Millenials Are Easily Bored but Not Lazy

People often mistake millennials as a lazy, but they simply want more out of life which doesn’t include hours of being holed in offices. They are easily bored and a bored person is not motivated. A person who loves his job never has to work any day of his working life.

And the question that most people are asking themselves is who needs to change? Is it the millennials or the already existing businesses? It is true that millennials are unique and they may have difficulty fitting into the working culture of many businesses.

Millennials and Job Searching

A typical millennial job-seeker may scan a company’s website, read selected articles about this company in the social media, research its ratings on employee-ranking websites. A new crop of fresh graduates is about to flood online job searches using updated resume templates. There is no doubt that there is a lot of money in online job searches. According to data from YouGov Brandlndex, more users aged between 18-34 years in the US are talking more about Indeed compared to Linkedln.

Close to 9% of millennials have been discussing Indeed with their friends and members of their families in the last two weeks. Close to 8% confessed to having done so with Linkedln. However, this was not the case one year ago.

10% of the millennials admitted to having discussed about Linkedln compared to only 5% who had had a discussion about Indeed. More reports seem to show that indeed recommend score has been on the rise compared to Linkedln’s. By May 2018, Indeed had scored high among millennials aged between 18-34 years. Its score is 3 points higher compared to Linkedln’s 13 score.

These numbers do not by any means suggest that Linkedln is in any sort of trouble. The numbers only highlight the competition that is involved in building a brand relationship with millennials. Glassdoor which is the newest entrant and holds the third place.

Recent college graduates are not the only ones open to change. A large proportion of young working people are open to change. About two-thirds of employed adults are out there looking for new job opportunities. This is a comparison of only 56% of their counterparts aged 35 years and above.

Final Words

Millennials are a rare breed but they are not lazy. It is true they get bored easily and they may have a problem sitting in the office for long hours. They love their freedom and the opportunity of being their own bosses is a thrilling event for millennials.

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