National Funding Scheme – Sponsored Fundraising

Sponsored Fundraising

Fighting for Charity and the Charlie Watkins Foundation collaborated on a fundraising event to raise money for young people suffering from mental health issues. The event was a white-collar boxing evening that used the fundraising platform DONATE.

The Charlie Watkins Foundation

The Charlie Watkins Foundation was established following the tragic suicide of a 22-year old man. Charlie had suffered from mental health issues since losing his mother at the age of nine. The Foundation aims to raise funds to be used to support other young people who have problems caused by mental illness, with support provided by trustees of the Foundation.

Fighting for Charity

Fighting for Charity is an organisation that works in partnership with charities to organise white-collar boxing events to raise funds and awareness. Each boxer involved is encouraged to connect with their supporter base to get sponsorship and raise money for their chosen charity. The use of the National Funding Scheme DONATE platform facilitates this.


DONATE provides various fundraising services to encourage people to donate by making the task as simple as possible. Services include web-based donations, text-giving and contactless giving. When working with Fighting for Charity, DONATE provides each boxer with a dedicated page including web and text links, with personalised web addresses and text keywords.

Unique Services from DONATE

The DONATE platform provides a comprehensive range of services that other platforms do not, including the provision of personalised links for web and text. The text-giving and web-giving platforms are integrated and have a dedicated account management function for ease of use. Users get real-time alerts whenever a donation is made, through a system that is fully GDPR compliant and includes Gift Aid.

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