Human Resource: The bloodstream of an organization

Human behaviour in any organisation emphasizes its importance of human resources to that particular organization. It is the bloodstream of an organisation as every business field needs a structured manpower to run its day to day operations. The business organisation has to focus on it to grow to its desired level.

There are several combinations of relationship between the Human Resources and the organisational business strategy but the ultimate and superior combination of it is to maximize the assets and profits of the business organisation for the interest of its stakeholders.

If an individual selects his/her career as the human resource manager or human resource strategist, they must look into the supply line of the organisation for the best manpower available. The human resource (HR) manager has to be very much focused to the goal of the organisation because the manpower will be inducted to the organisation must be fulfilling the requirements of the organisation.

The organisation has to rely on its HR team as it is the thumb rule of the business world in terms of taking interviews, hiring new employees, training & development, relaying the company’s mission and objectives to the employees or newly inducted staff members. In that case, the HR team should act as The Gap Partnership agent in negotiating the cost to company for the recruitment process.

The HR manager or the HR personnel are being tasked to select the most adequatecandidate, those who are adept to its selected role and should work optimally under any odd and even situation in the organisation. These HR people should be very much structured and goal oriented so that the organisation can gain a top position in the market place.

If we follow the book ‘What Should HR Leaders Focus On In 2014’, written by Edward E. Lawler lll, then we will find that any organisation in the globe should focus on the interest of its stakeholders through a technology driven business strategy to its day to day business operations.

On the other hand there is another important theory: to increase the superior outcome for its stakeholders, the business must boost up the talent of its skilled force or employee-excellence. If the HR department is stressing on the point to re-gear the excellence of the manpower taken in the business stream through its superior training and motivation, then no organisation can be found on the last row in terms of asset and profit maximization.

If we look to the recent examples of employee management through the best HR techniques, then there are several companies, for example, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and other tech oriented organisation who provides the best efforts to channelize the excellence of their employees through latest and hi-tech office orientations. These are the reasons why these companies are on the top of the world in terms of profit maximization, assets generation and overall employee retention. They have excellent negotiation experts who have gone through exquisite negotiation training courses to get the best deal for their organisation.

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