How Can Artificial Intelligence Boost Productivity of your Business?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

In simple language, we can say that Artificial Intelligence is the branch of technology through which machines attain the power to reason, understand and take decisions as well while simultaneously learning from the impact of the decisions. Making it more simple, with the help of AI, machines can do the tasks, earlier done by humans, only much faster and free of any kind of mistakes or errors.

Many companies and organizations are using Artificial Intelligence to boost their productivity and increase sales for their business. A very basic example of this can be the use of chatbots to interact with the customers. Since it is not possible to deal with every customer by a service representative, many companies are using chatbots for the same task. Chatbots can interact with a customer based on a pre-defined algorithm constructed on machine-learning standards. This way chatbots, apart from basic interaction, can even learn from the replies of the customers and can serve as a good tutor for training new joiners.

If your organization is looking to incorporate intelligent automation using robotic process automation (RPA) strategies or cognitive automation in its daily tasks then, undoubtedly, you need a proper roadmap for this purpose. Either you can do it yourself or you can take the best option by allowing WorkFusion to power the digital transformation of work for your enterprise.  

Now, let us come to the main topic which we are here to discuss i.e. the ways in which Artificial Intelligence can boost the productivity of your business and increase sales.

Get the Most Accurate & Well-Researched Content

A long time goes in researching for leads, learning about new trends and knowing the needs of the existing as well as potential customers. The result of this hard work, undoubtedly, gets positive results but imagine if you could get this researching task done in 1/4th of the time which you are actually spending on it with the increase in the percentage of positive results. Sounds cool! Doesn’t it?

Well! This can be made possible by introducing automation and machine learning, a branch of AI, into the workforce. An artificial intelligence system can help you get better insights from the data in much shorter time than doing the same task manually. AI can validate your data against a variety of sources and help you gather the most accurate results in terms of decision making.

As a result, you are able to tap into the potential customers, add new customers, improve the relationship with already existing customers and make better decisions in terms of future prospects. Consequently, you are able to get the much-needed boost in the productivity of your business and simultaneously increase the sales of your products or services.

Moreover, with AI on your side, you can get profiles built of your customers based on their buying habits. This will allow better prediction of what people actually need or would love to buy.

Reduction in Working Hours

In today’s fast-paced world putting in more and more hours of work will only make you stay ahead of the game. But, the capacity to stretch working hours of a person is limited and he/ she cannot work beyond their capacity.

Here Artificial Intelligence comes to our rescue. The concept of machine learning used in Artificial Intelligence gives it the capability to work 24/7 without human intervention. So, you simply need to take the final decision on the results provided by machine learning algorithms, thus reducing your workload and even work hours considerably.

Moreover, since AI is doing the task of researching and providing fresh insight over the data you can spend your time concentrating on building better relationships with your customers. Also, there is no need for your employees to sacrifice on their health or sleep thus they will fall sick less often and ultimately who is on the beneficial end? Yes! Right! Your very own organization. Employees will love to work for you and in turn will give better focus, concentration, and dedication towards their work consequently boosting the sales as well as productivity of your business.

Reduction in Non-Productive Meetings

How often you have a meeting with your employees? Once a day? Twice a day? This means you have about 30-60 meetings a month. Frankly! Think that how many meetings are actually productive and how many are just a waste of time. Yes! Correct! A lot many meetings are unproductive because more amount of time is spent by the employee on the preparation of the meeting like finding the right data, notes and working on agendas for the meeting.

Through AI, this time spent on preparation of the meeting can be eliminated altogether since machine learning bots will be working 24/7 to produce relevant and researched content for you. Hence, even before the meeting starts you are right at the point. Through AI, though meetings can’t be removed altogether, non-productive meetings are completely eliminated from your schedule.

Consequently, there are less but productive meetings in the organizations and an employee is able to completely dedicate his/ her focus to his work and is clear about the company’s objectives and agendas.

Ability to find Relevant Files quickly from anywhere

What happens if you are outside of your work premises and you get an important client call? Obviously, you will listen to the call but chaos happens when you need to flip through important documents to answer the questions asked by the client on the call.

Searching the required documents manually from your smartphone over the call is really difficult and frustrating. Here, AI comes into play. With the machine learning bots working 24/7 on the back they can flip through all your documents and get the required documents for you automatically as and when you receive a call. Hence, there is no problem answering the questions asked by the client as everything is handy.

This way, AI serves as a 24/7 digital personal assistant for your good self.


The benefits of AI for your business is not just limited to the above-mentioned points. In fact, the list of benefits is quite long. I am sure, now you will be much more willing to take on the digital journey of intelligent automation for your enterprise.

Artificial Intelligence, apart from increasing sales and boosting the productivity of your business gives you a peace of mind as well. So, investing in AI and intelligent automation is not just good for your organization but is also beneficial for your personal overall mental as well as physical health.

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