Banking management just as it should be – Ultra-modern comprehensive solutions

Today, a bank is responsible for a lot more that even a few years ago. The amount of different financial products being offered and the complex situations of their customers mean that the financial institutions need to be organised in a suitable manner.

Comarch, one of the world leading software designers, is able to supply a solution that deals with all aspects of this problem – Comarch SME Banking is an ideal tool to bring cash flow management to a new level for enterprises of all sizes. Properly implemented, it provides a transparent and efficient way to manage all transactions, users and even all interactions with the clients.

Benefits of integrated management systems

This product will be a life-saver to the managers frustrated with outdated software – it is designed to function perfectly on any device, so it is possible to monitor the situation just on a mobile phone, while giving a huge leeway in creating new users in regard to the privileges granted. This freedom is now a necessity given the required security of modern corporate structures, where employees should be able to access only the data they truly need for their tasks. Additionally, the system was designed in such a way that one perfectly readable dashboard allows access to all information at once, while allowing to easily stay on top of the situation.

While back end monitoring is crucial, the bank would not prosper without good customer relations, so Comarch created a robust system that allows employees to access all pertinent information easily and swiftly. Even real-time screen sharing is possible to ensure that all interactions with clients will end in complete satisfaction for both sides.

All of this is available in one compact system that is easy to use and master thanks to inbuilt Self-Help mode, while from the cost perspective it is a wisest possible choice – it will lower overall costs and eliminate future problems arising from human error.

Efficient incentive compensation management

Commissions and incentives are crucial in many business models, but to be truly effective, they must be perfectly managed – this way both the company and the agents know what they can expect and there is no uncertainty. Therefore, what a modern company requires is a system that will accurately and clearly track gains from all used channels with no allowance for errors.

Additionally, if this system was based on cutting edge automation solutions, all of this could be easily achieved after integrating it into existing system and defining the parameters for each item. In theory, such a system would allow for easy monitoring off total incentives owed to each agent, while still allowing to analyse each instance separately.

Fortunately, what is possible in theory is also possible in practice thanks to Comarch Commission & Incentive – a product that is suitable to any enterprise interested in implementing or modernising its own incentive program. This system will not only help insurance companies, banks or telecom operators, but in truth it is helpful to every enterprise that want to reward its employees for undertaking projects or fulfilling set goals.

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