Mobile Phones the Top Threat to Romance this Valentine’s Day

The use of mobile phones at the dinner table has been identified as the biggest threat to romance during a Valentine’s Day meal, according to a new study.

More than two in five people identified banning the use of mobile phones and tablets at the dinner table as top of their list of “romance rules” to help prevent the atmosphere being ruined on one of the most romantic days of the year.

Other romance spoilers identified included the presence of children, while money, football and politics were all highlighted as areas of discussion to avoid if the dinner date is to run smoothly.

The survey also identified steak as the number one choice for a Valentine’s dinner to impress, coming out well ahead of alternatives such as salmon, pasta, pizza and burgers.

“With so many shoppers looking to purchase quality steak in the coming days, this week offers a fantastic opportunity to really inspire people about Scotch Beef and what sets it apart,” said Carol McLaren, Head of Communications with Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), who commissioned the survey.

“Scottish farmers work very hard to produce a top quality product and the fact that steak is the number one choice to celebrate Valentine’s Day with is great news for the industry.”

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