Men win the battle of break-up etiquette

By Steve Taggart

They’re often painted as the villains when it comes to big screen break-ups, but men are actually more likely than women to play by the break-up rules, according to new research.

The research, by online smartphone retailer, reveals that the majority (60%) of men end their relationships face-to-face, compared to 55% of women. They’re also more likely to have ‘the talk’ over the phone (41%), with just 1 in 5 (18%) doing the dirty work over Facebook or Twitter.

Men are also quicker to cut contact with old flames, as 94% delete their ex’s phone number within a month of breaking up. Those who do decide to keep hold of a women’s phone number are almost twice as likely to do so in order to try to win them back.

Women, on the other hand, are more likely to cut ties on social media, with 40% removing all exes, compared to 33% of men. Both say this is so they can make a fresh start, but also prefer it if their ex can’t see what they’re up to.

Top 10 cities who keep an ex’s phone number in the hope of winning them back:

1. Glasgow (36%)

2. Cardiff (23%)

3. Norwich (22%)

4. Birmingham (20%)

5. Bristol (13%)

6. London (12%)

7. Newcastle (10%)

8. Leeds (7%)

9. Sheffield (5%)

10.Manchester (3%)

Nationally, Mancunians are most likely (70%) to end a relationship in person while lovebirds in Cardiff usually do it over the phone (48%). Londoners are most likely (32%) to break the news via social media.

Surprisingly, social-savvy 18-24 year olds are most likely (64.1%) to do the deed over the phone, leaving 25-34 year olds to take the crown for the most break-ups over Facebook and Twitter (43%).

Abby Francis, Social Media and Mobile Expert for, commented on the results: “Relationships can be tricky enough without technology getting in the way, so we wanted to see just how big a role it plays in break-ups.

“It’s surprising to see how different people and age groups use social media when the road to romance gets a bit rocky – and that younger people don’t always go down the most modern route to becoming single. It’s nice to see that we haven’t forgotten other methods, like the good old-fashioned phone call, when it’s now so easy to let the ‘un-friend’ button do the talking on social media.”

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