Man of the summer – Becoming the man

If any man (straight or gay) tells you that he doesn’t notice how other men look, he is lying.

Don’t believe me? Just sit on any busy London street and people watch for 30 minutes. You’ll soon see what I mean.

I’m not saying that men are checking out other men, but they are looking at how they are dressed and constantly comparing themselves to others.

Body shape, beard growth, hair envy, dress sense or even the person on their arm. Its human nature and something that is really quite normal – so you aren’t alone or a weirdo – we just have a little case of man envy.

And, with that glorious summer heat continuing to shine down upon us, we are doing it more than ever.

Enter, the Man of the summer.

“We treat it like a sport!”

These hybrids are a breed of attractive man that come out when the sun shines and are currently running around our city. They are the men we are eye-boggling.

They gym on their lunch break, are on mid-week juice detoxes and have different sunnies for every day of the week.

They drink after work, but don’t bulge at the belt. Their god-like stance puts bad posture to shame and they always have effortless hair – because they’re worth it.

Appearing cool with every stride they take, they effortlessly roam around London like they’re fresh from a magazine shoot. You’ve seen them, stared at them and imagined how hard it would be to become them.

They are who we double take when we walk down the street.

So, for research purposes only, I decided to hunt them down and find out if these were just men with extra time or a new summer species we need to watch out for.

Man of the summer – one: “I never actually considered that I was a man to envy – but I think the answer is to gym on lunch. It frees up your summer evening – plus summer is all about the bod, right?”

Man of the summer – two: “I used to look at men like that in the summer. I now realise it took two years and a hair transplant to finally get me there.”

Man of the summer – three: “It’s all about confidence – if you have that, you have the look.”

Man of the summer – four: “It’s healthy to have man envy. My friends and I are competitive, treating it like a sport. But the reality is, any man can be this and every man looks at different things with envy.”

Man of the summer – five: “If I’m a man of the summer, does that mean I’ll have a dry winter?”

Man of the summer – six: “What does it take? It takes a 5am start, a strain on the wallet from expensive taste and an obsession with social media.”

So there you have it – even ‘that’ man, doesn’t always realise it.

And despite the considerable amount of effort it takes in time and appearance, the Man of the summer is an image that we (and magazines) continue to aspire to. And why not?

It shouldn’t be a bad thing.

Yes we shouldn’t hate ourselves for it, but a little admiration is good for everyone.

The truth is this – even the Man of the summer is following the crowd. They are also looking at others and admiring certain aspects.

Yes they roam around and we swoon over them. But catch their glance, they might just be swooning back at you.

We all have a bit of man envy, so I challenge you to walk a bit taller, put on those sunglasses and become that man… at least until the clouds roll in. Because everyone has ‘that’ something, believe me.

And although I could never do the 5am starts, the reality is, when the sun shines we all sparkle a little bit brighter.

If all else fails – Top 8 ways to give you that extra Man of the summer edge:

  1. Dress: Head-to-toe joined up thinking is what you need this season: Grab a tailored chino (£89) and a bright polo (£59) from Spoke to start off your look – their sizing is the best fit in town
  2. Best Foot Forward: Keep those toes on trend with a boot for the summer – Daniel Footwear: Honiton Tan Leather Chelsea Boots – £94.99 –
  3. Shave: Summer is all about the clean cut face, and Dollar Shave Club has got you covered. Be part of the club – Dollar Shave Club Starter Kit, £5. After you use the starter kit subscription costs from £3 a month.
  4. Statement Bag: Look like you mean business with the ultimate man bag from Buckle and Seam – Shoulder Bag Cara £195 –
  5. Clock watch: Do clock watch – Lilienthal Berlin L1, £179 – Made in Germany, the watches reflect the Berlin lifestyle, perfect for the summer. Available in the online shop
  6. Hydrate: Mix fruity concoctions and take water to the next level with Bio-Synergy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – for £14.99!
  7. Face: For the ultimate man on the go, try the 30 minute ‘Laser Lunchtime Lift’ – The Clearlift Laser Skin Tightening treatment is perfect for a summer glow and gets rid of dead skin without any side effects – £200 –
  8. Listen: Plug in and enjoy summer sounds while you’re on the go with iSport Achieve – £59.95 –

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