Looking For An Organic Salon?

Glasshouse Salon is a new and exciting salon tucked away in East London’s trendy Broadway Market and London Fields.

Unlike most hair salons – who use products tested on animals and packed with harmful chemicals – GlassHouse Salon prides itself on its organic and ethical products.

The vast majority of the products are vegan (bar a hair wax which contains bee wax) and are not tested on animals.

What’s more, it’s reasonably priced for an organic hair salon in the Capital.

Last week, I went in for colour correction after a top salon (I won’t name and shame) left me with a bizarre grey, ashy barnet after dying my hair from bleach to beach blonde.

Like most women, I have a massive girl crush on supermodel Gigi Hadid and asked to emulate her natural locks.

Instead, I ended up looking like Cruella De Vil’s doppleganger.


It’s safe to say my hair was not happy and in desperate need of some TLC – leading me to Glasshouse Salon.

Anna, who’s a senior stylist, told me she was my stylist for the day and sat me down in the chair and passed me the drinks menu.

Clocking her healthy blonde locks, I instantly felt at ease. After all, you can’t trust a hairdresser with bad hair, it’s like trusting a footballer to behave like a gentleman.

I ordered a ‘beauty’ herbal tea whilst she assessed my tired tresses.

After, she did a strand test to determine the condition of my hair so she could see which products would be most suited.

The test revealed my hair was severely lacking protein, a common problem for dyed blonde hair as bleach takes the protein out, making it weak and susceptible to breakage.

As I needed more protein, Anna prescribed me their Power Build range.


I underwent a £15 Revamp Protein Treatment for 15 minutes to strengthen and brighten my locks.

Anna then mixed a light peachy semi permanent colour from their PPD free No Limits range with Power Build Treatment and left it on for 30 minutes.

Then she finished with Power Build protein conditioner after rinsing at the basin.

All of these treatments are reconstructive for the hair and my locks felt healthy for the first time in years.

Sometimes hair can feel heavy and a bit gloopy after leaving a salon – due to all the products used – but my hair felt light with lots of movement.

Then she sent me on my way with a Custom Colour pot – so I can top up my peachy hair from the comfort of my home.

After 10 years in London, I’ve finally found the perfect hair salon.

Glasshouse can’t promise you Gigi Hadid looks, but they can definitely give you model hair.

Prices for Services:

Shampoo lightening £30
Reconstructive Treatment £15
Pastel Booster £30

Prices for Products:

Power Build Shampoo £11
Power Build Conditioner £12
Custom Colour Pot £20

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