This is how long women spend thinking about what to wear for work

The average women spends FOUR months thinking about what to wear over her working lifetime, according to a new study.

On a typical work day women will deliberate over their attire for approximately 14 minutes, which will be the equivalent of two and a half days a year.

Over the average working lifetime of 47 years, that’s 119 days spent in front of the wardrobe.

More than one third of women claim to feel pressured to look a certain way at work – and 76 per cent constantly find it difficult to decide what is appropriate.

Just under half of those polled admit they have no enforced dress code to adhere to, which can make their decision even harder.

David Clift, HR Director at totaljobs, which carried out the study of 2,000 office workers, said: “This study really indicates the uncertainty around dress codes in the workplace and how it is leading to greater numbers of workers worrying about what they wear and what it potentially says about them.

“Our report indicates that female workers are more impacted by ambiguity around dress codes and are more likely to face unnecessary and unwanted stress or comments from colleagues.”


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