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Londoners the ‘Most Ambitious’ in the Country

By Nathan Lee, TLE Correspondent 

Londoners consider themselves to be the most ambitious in the country, according to a new study mapping personality traits across Britain.

Liverpudlians were found to be the happiest, funniest and most honest people in the country – while those in Sheffield are the most ruthless and selfish.

The poll of 2,000 Brits, which asked people to pick personality traits they felt best described them, found those living in Liverpool are also most likely to see themselves as ‘approachable’, ‘dependable’, ‘generous’ and ‘quick-witted’. But it’s not all good as more people in Liverpool than in any other city consider themselves to be a little on the irresponsible side.

Cardiff residents are most likely to see themselves as ‘sociable’ but while those in Cambridge think they are selfless and peaceful, they also admit to being pretty blunt at the same time. It also emerged that as a nation, Brits would be most likely to describe themselves as ‘friendly’, ‘dependable’, ‘honest’ and ‘genuine’.

A spokesman for Insurgent, which commissioned the research to mark today’s Blu-ray and DVD release, said: “Everyone has different parts to their personality, but there are always more dominating traits which show more than others.

“In Insurgent there are five factions which reflect people’s personality traits and whilst we don’t necessarily fit into one faction and/or personality traits, it’s interesting to see how people are most likely to describe themselves, especially when you compare that to British and city stereotypes. While few of us would be willing to admit to having some of the more negative personality traits, those in Sheffield don’t seem to be too concerned. A little of the negative traits are fine though – as long as you also have some of the more positive ones alongside it.”

The study found people in Sheffield don’t see themselves in much of a positive light, being most likely to use the terms ‘careless’, ‘dominating’, ‘mean’ and ‘sad’ to describe their personalities. They do however think they are the most confident.

Despite the tough Scottish stereotype, people in Edinburgh see themselves as ‘insecure’ and ‘sensitive’, although they are also most likely to also describe themselves as ‘determined’. Those in Oxford are most likely to consider themselves to be ‘friendly’, ‘genuine’, ‘loyal’ and ‘mature’, and fittingly for the university city – ‘intelligent’.

Brighton residents see themselves as ‘reliable’ and ‘organised’, but also slightly ‘lazy’, while those in Bristol used ‘perfect’ and ‘shy’ to label their personality. People in Plymouth see themselves as ‘cheerful’ but also ‘pessimistic’, ‘opinionated’ and ‘rude’ with those in Leeds most likely to think they are ‘demanding’ but ‘polite’, enthusiastic and realistic.

And if you are looking for love, head to Portsmouth as those in the southern city are most likely to describe themselves as ‘loving’ and ‘romantic’.

The study also found six in ten have been left surprised by a comment someone else has made about them because it was so different to how they saw themselves. And 28 per cent have even ended up rowing with someone after disagreeing with their opinion of them.

However, 58 per cent of people admit someone has used a negative term to describe an aspect of their personality which they have agreed with.

More than half even claimed to have made a conscious effort to change something about their personality to make it more positive after realising it was something they could improve on.


Londoners the ‘Most Ambitious’ in the Country

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