London Cosmetic Surgery aims to lead the way in Cosmetic Transparency

MYA is the one if the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery providers with 10 offices throughout the UK in all major cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Leeds. They are now embarking on the next stage of their journey by opening a flagship cosmetic surgery hospital in the heart of prestigious Fitzrovia central London. They are also the first cosmetic surgery hospital to feature a video patient journey inside the hospital.

Known as the MYA Fitzroy, the new hospital has over 40 fully dedicated staff working within a large complex housing top class facilities such 13 Consultation rooms, 16 bedrooms, 2 operating theatres as well as recovery and aesthetic rooms. To help promote this, not only have a MYA made a short patient video to showcase their new facilities, but they have become the world’s first cosmetic hospital to utilise Googles ‘Street-View’ technology to give the public the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the new Fitzroy Clinic. The indoor Google Street view allows anyone interested to navigate through the luxurious three floor establishment, from reception to recovery rooms.

This world’s first for The MYA Fitzroy hospital will reassure patients choosing MYA for their procedures, showcasing their desire for openness and transparency to bring the cosmetics industry into the modern age. This is just one more step towards openness to the public; MYA is known to be the only major cosmetic surgery provider to publish full clinical data on its procedures and have a forum for its patients where they have the opportunity to participate in discussions and exchange opinions and experiences with each other.

In addition to publishing their clinical data, MYA submits a 100 page report offering insight into the sector and ways to improve standards.  The Review Panel also published an interim report on the 31st of December 2012, and shows how MYA wants to be the driving force in ensuring the standards and quality of the UK cosmetics industry are second to none in order to maintain the world leading reputation they have built.

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