This is the little-known iPhone feature which is allowing Apple to look at your boobs

A little-known feature introduced with the launch of i0S 10 in mid-2016 has been allowing Apple to look at your boobs for a year.

According to recent revelations iPhones are able to categorise pictures in “brassiere”, as well as bra, bras and bandeaus.

The function is supposed to help you rifle through your photo archive and has categories that include everything from various animals, food and fashion to inanimate objects like furniture and “sunsets”.

But many iPhone users were unaware it existed, or that it had the capability to identify particular intimate body parts.

One Twitter user wrote: “Attention all girls. Go to your photos and type in the ‘Brassiere’ why are apple saving these and made it a folder!!??!!?”

Another tweeted: “Typing brassiere into you photo album search bar and seeing what photos Apple have saved in that file freaks me out a bit.”

The feature was introduced when Apple’s iPhone Photos app began using metadata analysis and image-recognition technology to sort users’ photos automatically and tag them for easy extraction.

There are thousands of objects your iPhone can identify, the New York Post has reported, and even though there is no category for “nude,” or “underwear,” there are plenty of categories for bra: brassiere, bandeau, bandeaus, bra, bras, and brassieres.


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