Lifestyle changes to help your kidneys

Small shifts often lead to big changes – Lifestyle changes to deal with your kidney issues

There are times when big changes lead to smaller shifts and whether you’re trying to eat better in order to eliminate germs, creating a healthier you don’t always mean an entire lifestyle makeover. We all know that kidneys are a vital part of our health and hence it is important to take care of your kidneys and keep them in good shape. If you’re suffering from some chronic kidney diseases, your doctor may ask you to follow a specific diet which can help support your kidneys and also restrain the work which you may do. Depending on your present physical situation, it is very important for you to take care of the health of your kidneys. Here’s how you can do so.

  • Avert the kind of products with extra salt: Make sure you lower the amount of sodium which you take in a day and avert consuming products like added salt as there are items like canned soups, fast foods and frozen dinners which have extra salt. Some other foods which added salt may also include canned vegetables, snack foods and cheese and processed meats.
  • Choose foods with low potassium: Your dietitian will advise you to recommend foods which are low in potassium and such diet should be followed during each meal. High potassium foods include oranges, bananas, spinach, potatoes and tomatoes. On the other hand, some low-potassium foods include cabbage, apples, green beans, carrots, strawberries and grapes.
  • Restrain yourself from proteins: It is your dietitian who will tell you about the exact number of protein grams which you should take in a day and recommendations based on that particular amount. Low protein foods include fruits, vegetables, cereals and breads.
  • Stay in touch with people who have kidney diseases: If you’ve been suffering from chronic kidney disease, you should stay more in touch with such people who are also going through the same situation. Ask your doctor to give you names of people who are going through the same stage. You can relate well with them and this will also increase your mental strength. If you’ve been recommended av fistula or av graft, you should know how to deal with it from other people.
  • Remain active most days of the week: Definitely with the permission of your doctor, you should set a goal of spending at least 30 minutes doing rigorous physical activity most of the days in a week. This way you can cope with stress and fatigue.
  • Maintain a healthy weight:If you think that your weight is healthy enough, work hard to maintain it by remaining physically active throughout the week. In case you require losing weight, talk to them about strategies for healthy weight loss and how you can go about shedding those extra pounds.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the ways in which you can maintain a healthy lifestyle to avert any kind of kidney issues, you may consider following the above mentioned ideas and tips.

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