Happy 30th Birthday, Prince Harry

By Charlotte Stringer, Style Editor at STYLIGHT.co.uk

The roguish royal we can’t help but love, Prince Harry, is turning the big 3-0 this Monday (15th September). Upon his birthday he is due to receive, amongst other things, his mother, Princess Diana’s, wedding dress. The dress has gone down in history as an iconic piece and whilst Harry may not rank as high in the fashion stakes as his mother and sister-in-law, Kate, there is something incredibly endearing about the way the prince dresses.

Often seen in military garb and formal attire, the few glimpses we are afforded of the prince “off duty” give an insight into his easygoing, laid back nature. British GQ and Vanity Fair have both previously named Harry as a stylish chap, and I’m inclined to agree. Yes, he might sometimes wear jeans that look like they could walk themselves to the laundry basket, and a shirt or two that have perhaps seen better days, but his attitude towards clothes, and fashion in general, is refreshing. Seen recently in Santiago, during the royal tour of Chile, Harry looked happy and relaxed dancing and singing with the children of the Fundacion Amigos de Jesus day care centre, in an outfit that was reminiscent of a university student popping out to buy milk, not someone who is (currently) fourth in line to the throne.

With his laidback look down pat, inject a bit of Harry’s style (sorry ladies, that was Harry’s style, not Harry Styles) into your wardrobe with these three ‘fit for a prince’ looks.

Off Duty Casual
This is probably how we’re most used to seeing the prince; relaxed jeans, open collar shirt and a v-neck jumper. Take style notes from these achingly soft, smart-casual loafers and classic jacket — perfect for any occasion.

Prince Harry Casual Look by STYLIGHT

At the Polo
Ever the sporty gent, Harry certainly knows how to pull off polo dress. If you’re not quite as au fait with the game, have no fear, this look is ideal for casual autumnal, Sundays — no horse required.

Prince Harry Polo Look by STYLIGHT

Suit Up
The perfect smart look for any formal occasion. Great fitting suit: check. Beautifully crafted leather shoes: check. And the crispest of crisp white shirts: check. Harry is every bit the prince and yes, he does look charming.

Prince Harry Smart Look by STYLIGHT

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