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Lifehack London: new services to help busy urbanites

By Charlotte Hope, Lifestyle Editor @TLE_Lifestyle

The life of the typical Londoner is notoriously busy, so busy in fact, that even the simplest tasks can seem like an impossible feat.

That last minute business proposal you’ve been called in to draft means that the ominous and ever expanding pile of shirts on your kitchen table will have to wait for another day. And thanks to a night out entertaining clients, that pre-planned trip to the shops to re-supply the contents of your fridge means you’ll be going to bed yet again on a near empty stomach.

Fortunately, given London’s growing reputation for being the hub of the world for new exciting startups, there are a number of new lifehacking companies that solve this very problem. So if you’re struggling for time to do all those tiresome chores you keep putting off, take note of these new London services to help you make the most of your very limited time.


Many Londoners stand united through common problem, and that’s a lack of living space. In fact, most have more possessions than can realistically be housed in their properties, which means that many face the reality of living in overly cluttered homes. But there is another way! Boxman is a London storage company that helps people store unused items away from their home, either temporarily for a longer period of time to allow for a house move, refurbishment or a simple spring clean. They provide and deliver waterproof boxes within a few hours of your order, store them in a secure facility and allow you to tag individual items in the box so you can recall any items same day. From just £5 per month, this is a hugely useful service for anyone looking to create some much needed space.


Laundrapp is London’s convenient on-demand laundry service, which will guarantee that your clothes are restored to their former glory just in time for that big meeting. Users can book a time for both collection and re-delivery so it’s highly convenient, but also affordable at just £1.60 per shirt. It’s the perfect time saving solution for anyone struggling to find a moment to take care of their laundry pile.


The thought of buying ingredients and cooking past 8 PM can be a rather daunting prospect, which is why Gousto comes to the rescue. It delivers a range of recipe boxes for Londoners who want to prepare a tasty meal but don’t have the time to go shopping. As well as the ingredients, it supplies its customers with recipe cards and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare their food. It’s perfect for anyone that wants to eat well during the week, but doesn’t have the time to plan what they’re going to eat or go to the shops to purchase their ingredients.

The Chapar

The Chapar is a brand new service that provides handpicked clothing for men, who neither have the time nor the patience to take an indecisive visit to the high street. All you need to do is sign up and a stylist will call you to learn about your specific taste in clothes. You then receive a trunk at your doorstep that matches your preferences, try on the clothes and then decide what you want to keep. They then collect the trunk containing the items you don’t want and you pay for what you’ve kept. Very straightforward and very cool.


Much like doing the ironing, cleaning the house can be a nuisance, so thank goodness for this aptly named cleaning service. Hassle puts you in touch with local cleaners for as little as £10 an hour. Everything is paid for through the app and it connects you with trusted local cleaners, cutting out the middle man and enabling you to review your cleaner’s performance following the job. Perfect for any renters about to vacate their property to secure that deposit!

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