Kingfisher lands on camera and takes incredible picture of its partner

This is a world first moment in which a kingfisher lands on a camera and captures a picture perfect photo of another kingfisher standing on a branch.

Lesley Garven, 40, who has been a wildlife photographer for 10 years now, witnessed the incredible moment on 9 January at midday.

The beautiful photos show the male kingfisher sitting on Lesley’s DSLR camera, just after he captured the picture of the female kingfisher on a leafy branch.

She said: “It certainly was a surprise. I was amazed.

“I’ve been trying to get a wide angle shot for a few years now… so I set up the camera and forgot the remote so went back into the hide to get it.

“Then the female kingfisher showed up (she is the one on the branch), then the male showed up and landed on the shutter button and snapped the photo then sat on top of the camera.”

Lesley had spent all morning at a kingfisher hide in Scotland, in one of her favourite wildlife spots near Kirkcudbright, in Dumfries and Galloway, is owned by world famous wildlife photographer Alan McFadyen.

Lesley said: “My favourite things to take photos of are the kingfisher and also the bottle-nose dolphins in the moray firth.

“This year my goal is to try and get a close other shot… So wish me luck with that!

“It’s a hobby for me as I’m actually a staff nurse, so this is what I do to relax. I decided after the hecticness of Christmas to take myself off to the hide for a few days of relaxation.”

Lesley lives in a small village called Auchinleck in Ayrshire, Scotland, around an hour and a half drive from the hide where this shot was captured.


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