In a world of app dating and social media stalking, it’s hard to remember a time when we didn’t already know TMI about our date.

We’ve taken window shopping to the extreme and along with it, we’ve thrown out the traditional date in favour of something far seedier.

We know what they do for a living, how many pets they’ve got and who their ex-partner was. For some, they’ve even shown us their aubergine emoji.

So with all the background info already in place, what’s left to discuss?

Was it time to bring back the old fashioned date?

This has been my exact thought for ages, as I witness friends skip the dating and jump forward three moves (or however many it takes,) and hop into the sack.

So in a quest to revive the date, I hunted down a location for all you hopeful couples, fit for drinks, conversation and atmosphere, all under one roof and with no a bed in sight.

And thankfully, Greenwood Restaurant and Sports Bar in Victoria is bringing back the date.

A lively (but not loud enough to strain your neck,) location that is a stone’s throw away from Victoria underground station.

Centred round a spacious bar and housing a trendy barbershop should you require the snip before the dip, Greenwood provides the perfect backdrop for your evening.

Take up a position at the island bar and order a Greenwood special cocktail – don’t be put off by the cracked black pepper, you’re in for a treat.

Soak in the atmosphere as the city suits meet the trendy media types and hustle around the brass work bar.

It’s London, so you’ll need to book a table, especially if it’s a Friday, otherwise some other loved up duo will beat you to it. And believe me, this place has plenty of those.

With ample friendly staff on hand you’ll be well looked after and if you are spoilt for choice by the mouth-watering menu, they’re more than happy to offer their own recommendations.

For me it was the Korean chicken wings, chargrilled 220g flatiron steak (medium done) and a dessert that was Instagram worthy, with (of course,) a bottle of white wine to wash it all down with.

However, a note to the milder palate, those wings have a kick. So unless you are comfortable ordering a glass of milk on your date, avoid their tasty allure and try the crispy squid instead.

As the evening creeps in, the restaurant lights dim to reflect the mood and Greenwood comes alive with drinkers lining the bar and daters filling the tables.

Fashionably kitted out with modern furniture, four overhanging copper beer tanks dominate the room and sports fanatics can escape to the Sports Lounge upstairs – girlfriends/boyfriends permitting.

As I sat licking my fingers (not in a sultry way I’m afraid,) in an attempt to get the HOT sauce off, a couple next to me held hands throughout their meal.

The pop of the cork went for a fourth time and by dessert, their hands were around each other’s necks in what can only be described as a very public display of affection.

Love was definitely in that chair.

Thankfully, to the surrounding tables, the passionate couple provided a bit of light entertainment and harmless flirtation. But the tipsy duo definitely required an Uber awards.

It was easy to see there was something about this place, Greenwood.

Everyone smiled, plates were licked clean and people left holding hands.

It had the exact vibe that a hopeless romantic need stop searching for, it breathes life back into the traditional date. What a refreshing thought.

But don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself.

To all those romantic hopefuls, good luck and if you are searching for the aubergine, it’s in the Onion seed flat bread starter. Enjoy.


Restaurant review: Issho, Leeds

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