Is It Acceptable To Use A Voucher On A Date?

Romance is dead, right? Or has it been re-imagined?

Modern dating seems to be eschewing all the conventional rules of chivalry in favour of equality. Today, women are expected to at least offer to pay the bill and couples are increasingly going Dutch when dining out.

British women take the gold in the ‘dating Olympics’ for splitting the bill 50/50 with a majority reporting that they offered to pick up the bill on alternating dates — far more often than women in other countries. But what about using a voucher?

It seems like a bit of a Marmite subject. Jade Easton says using a voucher on a date “would make it seem cheap, like he chose the place because he knew he would get a discount instead of taking me somewhere he thought I would actually enjoy!” Pip Amer agrees. “Going on a date with someone should prove that you make the effort for one another. Therefore if your date just whacks out a voucher it would seem as if not much effort or thought had gone into it.”

But according to a new survey by seven in ten Brits feel it’s now acceptable to use a voucher on a date, with less than thirty per cent saying they would feel uncomfortable using a voucher to wine and dine a potential partner.

Chris Reilly said: “It’s great to see that getting your voucher on during a date isn’t a total mood-kill for us Brits.

“It’s clear from the research that most of us love a good deal where we can find one, so it’s a good thing that being a bit thrifty here and there doesn’t dull the romance.”

Using vouchers on a date comes down to not whether you use them, but how you use them. If you say you’ll pick up the bill and then produce a voucher it could put a dampener on things, but if you’re upfront about it and say you’ve found a great deal it could work out.

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