Is Britain a Nation of Phone Snoopers?

New research has been revealed suggesting the UK is a nation of phone snoopers, with suspicious Brits checking their other half’s phone for questionable texts, emails and internet searches twice a week!

The study, commissioned by Samsung Galaxy A-Series smartphone range, found that  four in ten adults in a relationship regularly sneak a look at their partner’s phone behind their back to keep an eye on what they are up to. Women are the most likely to check a partner’s phone behind their back, with 44 per cent admitting to it compared to just 36 per cent of men.

Surprisingly more than a third of respondents said they knew their partner’s mobile PIN and 39 per cent said they knew their email account password. But the snooping could be in good faith; just over half of respondents believe sharing your mobile PIN or social media passwords is a modern sign of true love or being in a committed relationship.

Ines van Gennip, Marketing Director for IT & Mobile at Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland, said: “Mobile phones are such a huge part of our lives now, consumers want to stay in touch with loved ones via text, phone and social media on an affordable device without having to compromise on style or design, the launch of our sleek new Galaxy A-Series makes that all the more possible.

“Rather amusingly this research shows that suspicious partners seem to be using them quite regularly to check up on their other half on a regular basis. As we head towards the Valentine’s season however, it’s worth bearing in mind that you might discover something your partner is trying to keep hidden for all the right reasons, such as a secret weekend away they are planning, a special gift or perhaps even a marriage proposal!”

Top ten things partners check:

1.       Text messages

2.       Call history

3.       Facebook private messages

4.       Emails

5.       Photo gallery

6.       Internet history

7.       WhatsApp history

8.       Twitter private messages

9.       Viber History

10.   Skype history

The study of 2,000 Brits found almost half have gone through a partner’s phone in at least one relationship they’ve been in, with 16 per cent admitting they have done this with pretty much everyone they have been with. Furthermore, 40 per cent regularly snoop through their current partner’s mobile to keep an eye on what they are doing or who they are talking to.

It doesn’t always go to plan though as 34 per cent have ended up ruining a surprise their partner is planning for them, stumbling across their plans for a holiday, weekend away, gift or even a proposal. And 44 per cent of said snoops have been caught in the act when going through their partner’s phone.

Text messages are most likely to be checked, followed by their call history, Facebook private messages, emails and even their photo gallery. Internet history and Twitter conversations are also among the things looked at by suspicious people. But six in ten of those who snoop have found inappropriate text messages, Facebook messages, phone calls or internet searches on at least one of their partner’s mobiles.

van Gennip added: “At Samsung, we recognise the demand for premium looking, great quality smartphones with useful features at an achievable price point, to help us stay in touch with friends and loved ones. The Galaxy A-Series delivers just that. Combining a stunning full metal body, superior technology and a host of innovative features, the Galaxy A3 and A5 offer exceptional performance without compromising on style, making it all the more affordable to stay in touch with those that matter.”

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