Instagram Star and Worldwide Model David Michigan Is Going Viral

Spoiler: Khal Drogo is not dead. We finally have the proof for all Game of Thrones  fans.

David Michigan is a fitness trainer, worldwide model and actor, as well as a motivational speaker. He loves to help people in any possible ways (losing weight, gaining muscle, using visualization,…) as show his YouTube videos and Instagram posts.

This 28 year old worldwide model and actor has been doing pretty well over on social media, and combines more than 5 million followers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. He often shares photos and videos of himself with no shirts and shares tons of motivational and fitness advice.

His Instagram spartan video, embodying the legendary Leonidas, has contributed a lot to his fame, sparkling curiosity from all over the world. With his appearance in Miss Tattoo France, there is no wonder how his massive beautiful tattoo has also been well observed on TV, even among all the girls’ ones.

With his deep resemblance to Game of Thrones hero Khal Drogo, it’s hard to know how many people stop and stare at him (or approach him for the most courageous ones).

But behind his dream body and impressive physique, lies a very sharp mind, helping people on how to use to improve their daily lives, by teaching them mental techniques such as self hypnosis, visualization, mental imagery…

So maybe it is time for us to hit more the gym, learn more mental techniques and listen to daily motivational tips for a brighter future.

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