Incredible pictures capture motherhood around the world

A new picture project has been launched giving a glimpse of motherhood around the world.

People from 56 different countries and cultures around the globe were encouraged to share a picture of ‘mum’ and provide a description of her role in the family and day to day life.

Side-by-side the pictures shows that despite cultural differences, social and economic inequalities and even episodes of conflict, the mother figure in every single one of our families is nothing short of a hero!

Pictures were submitted everywhere from an upmarket suburb of Birmingham, England through to the conflict-zone that is The Gaza Strip.

Daily life may not be the same for these 56 women but their love and dedication to their families is indistinguishable.

We’ve picked a select few ourselves. To view the gallery in full visit the dedicated Mums of the World page here.


Sentimental Photos Replaced by Boastagraphs

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