I put Olive Oil on my cereal & my face


By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

Actor and Olive Oil Expert, Felipe Mattei, has the curious habit of adding olive oil not only to his salads, but also to desserts, cereal and even to his face! He claims that using olive oil “inside out” is not only pleasurable and healthy but also a way to look better.

The notion of pouring olive oil over your breakfast may sound strange; however Felipe argues that olive oil is a much tastier and healthier substitute for unhealthy animal fats such as cream, butter and milk.

Felipe says: “Large food manufacturers add artery-clogging saturated fats to its products which help lead to heart attacks. Low grade oils, such as palm oil, are also often added to foods and its production is linked to severe deforestation in the Far East.

“Olive oil is among the healthiest of oils as it contains plenty of unsaturated fats (the good type) and when produced with care, several micro components that help prevent diseases like Arthritis, Alzheimer’s and coronary heart disease.”

As counter intuitive as it may sound, fruity olive oil goes remarkably well with plant-based desserts such as vanilla ice cream and chocolate and even a bowl of cereal with fruits, he believes.

He says:Think about it, vanilla and cocoa grow in a plant just like olives do, cocoa is bitter and fruity just like olive oil, who thought it would be a better idea to mix it with butter instead?’

Moisturising creams and hair conditioners do not escape Felipe’s criticism either; he argues that large cosmetic companies fill their products with additives that are primarily responsible for making it more appealing in terms of texture and smell when what actually moisturises is the small amount of oil contained in the product – most often low grade and coming from a factory.

Felipe says: “High quality olive oil made from unripe green olives (as opposed to oil from fully ripe black olives) is jam packed with skin friendly nutrients like vitamin E, anti-oxidants and polyphenols which besides moisturising, help make the skin look young and vibrant.

“It’s wrong that people are happy to put a lotion full of chemicals and refined oils from a factory in their faces when an olive oil, which is pure to the point you eat it, is much better for the skin. I moisturise my face with raw olive oil every single day and it makes my skin look great for filming!’”

Felipe opposes deceptive large corporations and helps people indulge long pleasurable lives with high quality olive oil that is available at felipemattei.com. Felipe answers questions via email at info@felipemattei.com.

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