How To Have A Dirty Weekend With Your Spouse Without Leaving The House

Most people think you have to go away for a dirty weekend but now you can have a luxury sex gift box delivered straight to your door.

Dewcibox is a new premium adult gift box – filled with erotic trinkets to spice up your sex life.

With just a click of a button, you can order one of the three boxes available online and it will arrive later that day.

Every box is different but they will mainly comprise of a mini vibrator, chocolate body paint, naughty playing cards, and other tease and please items.

Contrary to common belief, sex boxes aren’t just for Christian-Gray-wannabes or sex pests – they’re popular among ‘normal’ couples who aren’t content on a life of missionary sex and want to indulge in a bit of kinkiness too.

What’s more, Dewcibox deliver to your door so you don’t have the embarrassment of shopping in-store. Sex is a private thing so why do you want to share it with Doris behind the counter?

Last weekend, my BF and I ordered the Dewci Weekender box. The black box arrived one hour later and we couldn’t wait to crack it open, along with a bottle of red.

I squealed as I peeled open the box, excited for what was inside. My BF seemed more embarrassed and a bit awks to be honest, but he soon perked up (no pun intended) when I pulled out the warming massage oil.

There was also cocktail mixers, a naughty weekender kit, couples Teaze n Pleaz vibrators, chocolate hearts, rose petals, warming lube, sex cards and a silky red blindfold.

I scoffed the chocolates, ditched the petals and then got down to business. Ahem.

It’s safe to say we didn’t leave the house all weekend.

My only fear is ordinary sex may be a bit dull now, so I best order another box.

I just hope it comes as quickly as my BF did last weekend…

(Sorry mum)

Dewcibox Image

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