How to get Kim Kardashian’s famous body

By Rosie Wilson

By now, we’ve all seen the raunchy Kim Kardashian photoshoot for PAPER magazine, which landed this morning and caused massive controversy. Say what you will about Kimmy K, but you can’t deny she’s looking good. Here’s how to get her sleek, sexy look – from head to toe…

Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous women in the world, and definitely the owner of the most famous bum. We’re used to seeing 34-year-old Kim in figure hugging dresses and barely-there bikinis, but she took it to the next level in the early hours of this morning, when she posted her cover photo of this month’s PAPER, an American glossy lifestyle magazine, baring her oiled up bum and wearing nothing more than a pearl necklace and some Holly Golightly gloves.

PAPER have run the headline “Kim Kardashian. Break the internet,” and Twitter have certainly taken heed. The image has caused a Twitter storm, and Kim’s alternative cover (where she’s shooting champagne over her head into a glass balanced on her bum – although, this one is fully clothed) has already been retweeted over 19,000 times since this morning. So, it seems if we can’t stop looking at her enviable figure, we’re in good company.

But how would a normal woman get a figure like Kim’s? She’s given many interviews attributing her curves to her ‘dedication to working out’ and eating well, and recently, she told an interviewer her ‘miracle work out’ led her to burn 1000 calories an hour. Sounds like the sort of thing that only one half of Kimye could afford, right? Maybe not. According to several fitness sources, gym classes like spinning and kickboxing can burn up to 750 calories an hour. It’s not quite Kim-level commitment, but we’ve all got to start somewhere, right?

And if you’re naturally blessed with a generous derriere like Kim, it might be even easier to replicate her dream body. Dr. Kannan Athreya – a cosmetic doctor in London and Essex – says that non-surgical body contouring procedures like Exilis Elite might be a fast and effective way to give you a sleek hourglass silhouette. “With the rise of super-celebrities like Kim Kardashian, women are coming to me more and more frequently, seeking enhanced proportions – that means tiny waists, and more shapely buttocks. This silhouette can be achieved, to an extent through proper nutrition and exercise. However, to hone and perfect the look, Exilis Elite treatment can create the desired body contours and smooth and firm-up skin.”

 Non-surgical body contouring treatments like Exilis Elite help target fat whilst firming skin, improving the look of cellulite and imperfections. It combines radiofrequency and ultrasound to let it penetrate the skin tissue and stimulate collagen growth. In other words, says Dr. Athreya, it can trim your waist, in order to give you Kim’s emphasised, Jessica Rabbit style hourglass contour, whilst also smoothing the skin around your bum and thighs.

 Kim also went on record after her pregnancy, saying she dropped 43lbs of baby weight through a diet loosely based on the Atkins diet. She cut out all carbs and alcohol, and made sure she ate about 2,000 calories worth of lean meat, leafy veg and antioxidant-crammed fruit and berries. Dr. Athreya says, “While I don’t advise diets like Atkins, it is vital to pursue a healthy diet and lifestyle anyway, and people are becoming increasingly aware of what they put into their bodies. But if you want to look your best, its more important than ever. Drink at least 2 litres of water every day, and make sure you eat vitamin packed food whenever you can. Everybody knows these are the real ‘tricks’ to looking amazing, but not everyone follows them. It will make all the difference if you look after your body from the inside.”

 The PAPER shoot didn’t just give us figure envy. Kim’s skin is clear, her hair is shiny and her face looks youthful in minimal makeup. Again, the best way to replicate this (without a stylist team on-hand at any given time) is through your diet and water consumption. Oily fish, avocados, almonds and eggs are just some of the foods you can incorporate into your diet to improve your skin. You might also consider taking a Vitamin E supplement, which helps promote healthy skin and strong hair and nails, says Dr. Athreya.

 And although she’s famed for her contouring, the photoshoot shows us that even with less makeup on, Kim really does have razor blade cheekbones and an elegant, pronounced jawline. If you’re not as naturally blessed as Kim with the shape of your face, the non-surgical cosmetic procedure route might be for you. “Exilis Elite is great again here, because it works on your face and body,” says Dr. Athreya. “When used on the face, it can target fine lines and wrinkles, as well as contouring the face to give you a more pronounced, taut look. If your face is lacking in definition and you would like it, like Kim’s, to be smooth and youthful, a non-surgical cosmetic procedure might be the most effective way to replicate her look.”

 Dr. Athreya is a non-surgical expert in COSMETIC magazine. At his private practices, he offers both cosmetic treatments, and wellbeing advice for patients seeking to improve their bodies inside and out.


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