How Online Games Improve Cognitive Functions

Looking At How Online Games Can Improve Cognitive Functions

The brain is like a muscle; the more you train it the stronger it will get with improved cognitive functioning. There are many different online games and apps that specifically cater to virtually any mental task such as visual activity, problem-solving and strategy, logistics, spatial perception, memory and reflexes. If you are able to keep your mind sharp by simply eating a well-balanced diet, participating in regular exercise and embracing education then it should, theoretically improve, however it is a process which is ongoing.

Classic Bingo

Bingo, whether you love it or hate, or just don’t really have much of an opinion on it, can be very beneficial to ensuring that your brain is kept focused. There have been many studies that show for those with Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, bingo games with large, high contrast cards improved thinking skills and memory. The University of Southampton found that bingo players, both online and offline players, performed better on tests of memory, speed, and cognitive function than those who don’t play the game- regardless of their age. The scientist also speculated that as bingo players are required to maintain attention to detail for extend periods of time, this enabled their focus to increase which ultimately enhance their ability to understand and process information far more quickly.

Blackjack Games

The game of blackjack, no matter where you play it online or with friends is a very skilful game in itself as you have to do a variety of different tasks including determining an appropriate bankroll, leaning a system which means to memorize tables and counting cards, being able to keep on top of counting, as well as determining a bet size. These four tasks tap into a number of different cognitive domains from focusing to memorizing, blackjack is almost like a memory game as it can enhance focus and improve a variety of skills. As the ability to be able to keep count, is to test how good your memory is, to pay you also need to be able to be rather good at maths, and many scientist think you may need considerable cognitive skills in order to master the game.

The Impossible Test

Many have played this game in an IT suite at school, if not it has been an incredibly popular online game for purely fun purposes as well as improving your cognitive skills. For those who haven’t played, the impossible test has a very straightforward format, it is a series of questions and tasks that will help keep your brain sharp. The online game provides you with a set of instructions and it often takes a moment of creative consideration in order to decide how the task should be completed. As an example, it may show you a picture of a check mark and an x-mark and ask you to touch the wrong one, its actually right. The game challenges your impulse urges and forces you to think on a more analytical level than going with your gut instinct. It can be frustrating, but incredibly fun and rewarding as well as improving your cognitive functions.


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