How does Having Children Impact Relationships?

By Nathan Lee, TLE Correspondent 

We all know that having children dramatically alters your life, but what effect does it have on your relationship?

New research has revealed that new parents have less quality time together, go on fewer date nights and say ‘I love you’ less often than before they had children – but still manage to maintain their sex lives.

After starting a family, parents admit they also kissed their partner less often, went on fewer nights out with friends and had less romance in their relationship. But being intimate is one area new parents still make time for, with parents having sex as often as those without children – an average of twice a week.

Liz Fraser, Modern Family Expert for, said: “Everyone knows having children is life-changing but regardless of the changes most parents would say having their children was the best moment of their lives, and that they couldn’t imagine living without them now they are here.

“Taking some time with your partner is important though, to ensure you keep the closeness of your relationship and retain that feel good factor that comes from being intimate. Resources such as are available to make date nights as easy as possible with access to qualified babysitters. Even small things like a meal out or an afternoon spent alone together really do help make a difference in the long run.”

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