These Are the Latest Home Decor Trends in the UK

The festive season is upon us and, with it, a whole new wave of seasonally-inspired home decoration trends. The colder months are a hugely popular time for people to redecorate their homes, possibly because it’s an activity that takes place completely indoors, beyond the reach of the cruel British winter.

It’s also an opportunity to make your home a cosier, more inviting place – somewhere you’re happy to spend long evenings avoiding the snow. We’ve seen a number of truly inspirational design trends so far this year, with creativity and innovation reaching new heights.

If you’d like to stay ahead of the curve, or simply need some inspiration for your next revamp, read on to find out some of the biggest trends in home décor this season. 

Back to Black 

The somewhat overbearing trend of making everything matte black, which showed up in the homesteads of everyone from the Made in Chelsea cast to The Kardashians, appears to have thankfully waned in popularity. However, the subtler statement of black wood fixtures and black appliances is making a splash in 2019 Livingetc reports that searches for “black and navy blue kitchens” are up 93% this year, meaning that black is well and truly back. 

Wrought Iron Touches 

The end of the year has seen a decisive shift away from nude, Nordic modern towards a more gritty, industrial vibe in home decorations. Wrought iron fixtures such as bath taps, radiators, and bed frames have been evident across magazine covers up and down the country, suggesting a possible Victorian revival is on its way. We can expect to see more of this in the future, with Furniture Village beds now being available in the kind of twisted, wrought iron design that is back in vogue. 

Vintage Scandinavian 

Scandinavian style is still hotter than ever, but this time, homeowners are reaching back through the decades for their inspiration. The latest trend can be more accurately described as vintage Scandinavian, with old-school styles from designers such as Alvar Aalto and Finn Juhl serving as the main inspiration. Think faded, oversized floral prints from Marimekko, futurist desk chairs made from metal piping, and even the odd crystal ashtray scattered around for dramatic effect. Fluffy and brightly-coloured “statement rugs” are also making a major comeback as residents look for ways to keep their feet warm through the winter months. 

Backpacker Chic 

There was a time not so long ago when prints of Mandalas and vintage travel posters were the reserve of first-year university students fresh from their gap year. No more. The so-called “backpacker chic” decor trend has been big recently in Ideal Home, Elle, Good Housekeeping and Architectural Digest, as trendsetters look to brandish their well-travelled lifestyles with some home accessories. This also means that Afghan rugs, oriental pillows, and tapestry wall hangings are a good place to start if you want to turn your living room into a journey around the globe. 

Home designs trends come and go, but this season’s styles may be some of the most timeless yet. 

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