Fitted Wardrobes – The Stylish Way to Declutter your Bedroom

You do not need a walk-in changing room to have a dreamy bedroom storage – now, you can take care of all bedroom clutters with a well-designed, highly customised fitted wardrobes.

Floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall built-in wardrobes optimise space because they put the otherwise dead spaces – like unutilised verticle spaces and corners – to better use, and in the process, keeping surfaces and floors clear.

In addition to their space-saving qualities, bespoke fitted wardrobes also add elegance to their interior of the bedroom. And since they are not often on the stock, Metro Wardrobes Fitted Furniture supplier in London specifically customise the units according to the needs of the buyer.

If you are just getting started with fitted wardrobes and are still unsure as to whether to have them installed in your bedroom or not, then here are three reasons why you should get them, today.

They are tailored to suit your bedroom needs

If you are fed up of using a mass-produced wardrobe that doesn’t seem to contain all the necessary crannies, hooks and drawers that you want, or if you feel like you’re done with cramming up all your accessories and clothing into one tiny space, then a fixed wardrobe might be the answer you’re looking for. A fitted wardrobe gives you freedom – you can have it customised according to your personal and budgetary preferences, so it fits all your shoes, accessories and clothes.

The trick is to find an experienced designer who understands how and where they can place everything. Experts have experience and can comfortably work with your specifications to deliver the right kind of wardrobe for your needs. They also can integrate the awkward spaces that you wished you had in your wardrobe without compromising on the overall appeal.

They offer maximum efficiency

Wardrobes play a crucial role when it comes to the organisation of bedrooms; however, the issue is to find one that’s of the right size. Those that are too large will not only overwhelm the entire room but will also make it hard for you to incorporate other pieces of furniture into space. On the other hand, those that are too tiny might fail to accommodate all your needs and only leave your bedroom with plenty of clutter.

Fitted wardrobes are a great choice because they are customised according to the size of your bedroom and also your storage needs. They offer the best way for you to maximise the efficiency of your bedrooms. No space is wasted with fitted wardrobes, and the best part is they are attractive just as they are functional.

They come in wide-ranging designs and finishes

If you were worried that fitted wardrobes are plain and old-school, you’ll be surprised to learn that these wardrobes offer so much more. Today, designers create fitted wardrobes in a full range of styles, designs and finishes to match diverse clients’ home décor needs. Now, you can easily select the design that suits you, whether its classic or basic white, or anything modern like a high gloss material that resembles glass.


With the right fitted wardrobe, it becomes easy to have your dream bedroom, since you won’t have to worry about space and storage for your accessories, shoes, and clothes. Besides, a fitted wardrobe is designed to match the entire bedroom décor, so it helps improve the overall aesthetic.

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