A Guide to Buying a Fire Place for your New Home

Moving into your new home is exciting but requires a lot of hard work. You are faced with so many new challenges that you may not have had to deal with before. But welcome the task as it gives you the opportunity to learn new things as well as put your stamp on your new property. Congratulations by the way! One of the most important decisions will be fitting a fireplace in the home. For jobs such as this it may require some professional advice. You will want to make sure you receive advice from a reputable heating and plumbing company as nobody wants to spend a fortune and still be cold in the winter.

We would recommend visiting various fireplace showrooms before making your decision. This will not only give you the opportunity to choose the design you would like but showrooms often also provide an installation service or at least will usually recommend registered fire fitters. The size of the fire surround you decide is also important, looking online can sometimes be deceiving in terms of size and whether it will overpower a room. We have put together this guide to help you choose the perfect fireplace for your new home, in order to make it a warm and inviting one.

Fire Surrounds

Creating ambience in a room via a flickering flame can enhance the interior of a room. Choosing a fire surround can require more thought than just the design and how it looks. You may be installing a brand new fireplace or perhaps you’re giving the current one a remodel. Depending on the interior you choose for your home there are a wide range of styles you could use for your fire surround.

Wood surrounds are becoming increasingly more popular supplying your home with a sophisticated antique-style look. These types of surrounds often create a cosy feel and can be matched to other furniture in the house.

Marble surrounds ooze luxury and will be sure to transform any room. The lustrous look of a glossy marble fireplace would be a charming addition to your home. This elegant option comes in a variety of colours from classic white, to black granite.

Prefer to make a lasting impression? Go bold with a natural stone surround. This will add character to your living space and give a unique texture to the home.

Solid fuel stoves

Opting for a gas or electric stove to provide you with the perfect flame is a great way to heat your home without the mess or hassle of a wood burning stove. Electric stoves are a fuss-free way to add a fireplace to your home without a chimney or flue.

Electric fires

This is great choice if you don’t have a chimney and still wish to create the look of a real fire. Electric fires not only heat the home at the flick of a switch but are normally less expensive than other types of fireplaces. Should you change your mind in the future and wish to revamp the living space electric fires can be easily relocated. For a wide range of designs take a look at the electric fires from Heating and Plumbing World.

Gas fires

Gas fires are the most cost-effective way of heating a home especially for people who have bought a house in the UK.  There are many different designs of gas fire to choose from whether you prefer wall-mounted, inset or a stand alone stove. Don’t rush into buying your gas fire as you will need to check the chimney in the room you wish to place it. The type of flue will affect which fireplace you are able to install no matter how fitting the design may be.

We hope this guide to picking out your ideal fireplace for your new home has helped make your decision a little easier and ticked one thing off the decorating list, at least!

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