5 Creative Ways to Decorate a Small Living Space

With real estate prices on the rise, both houses and apartments are shrinking. In a fairly recent Independent article, property market experts pondered a future in which homes and apartments get smaller — one that’s already a reality for many first-time homebuyers.

While living in a small house or apartment might come with some limitations, it’s still possible to decorate without much compromise. Below, we’ve listed five creative and effective ways to get the most from a small living space, all without compromising style or comfort. 

Choose a light colour scheme to maximise visual space

When it comes to expanding a small space, you have two options. The first is to really expand the space physically — an option that’s expensive and rarely feasible. The second is to use the space’s color scheme to expand it visually, all without making any structural changes.

By choosing a light colour scheme that’s heavy on white, cream and other light tones, you can create the illusion of a larger living space. Combine a light colour scheme with plenty of natural light and it’s surprisingly easy to make even the most confined living space feel expansive. 

Use space effectively by storing items vertically

From end tables to entertainment cabinets, most living room storage furniture is designed with only the horizontal axis in mind. By adding the vertical axis to your furniture shopping checklist, you’ll be able to effortlessly store your possessions while freeing up valuable space.

When you’re comparing bookshelves and tables, opt for items that offer more than one surface for storing items. Tall, narrow storage systems are the name of the game here, offering optimal storage area while also acting as aesthetic dividers for your living space. 

Choose furniture that serves more than one purpose

When you only have a small space to live, relax, entertain, eat and work in, it’s important to get the most from the space. An easy way to do this is to pick furniture that serves several different purposes, all without sacrificing quality or comfort.

From dining tables that double as work desks to coffee tables that also hold your books, DVDs and other media, opting for dual-purpose furniture is a simple way to get more from your living space without ever causing it to feel cramped and overly crowded with items. 

Stick with classic furniture, only downsized

There’s no need to sacrifice your sense of style when you’re decorating a small living area. If you only have a limited amount of space for your sofa, armchairs, dining table or other major items, try sticking to your favourite styles but downsizing.

From classic armchairs to Chesterfield sofas, many centrepiece items are available in smaller sizes to suit the confines of inner-city apartments and townhouses. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the style and appeal of high-end furniture, all without the usual footprint. 

Make use of creative, out-of-the-way storage

When you’re living in a small apartment, it’s important to use storage efficiently. Items such as door-mounted clothing racks and plastic under-the-sofa storage boxes might not be timelessly stylish, but they’re perfect for storing your possessions without taking up extra space.

Remember, clutter shrinks any space. By organising your possessions behind doors, under the furniture and out of the way, you’ll gain more space for stretching out in, even in a small house or apartment. 

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