The benefits of pilates

Are you looking for a full-body sport? Do you want to rejuvenate your body? The only option to achieve this is pilates, unlike bodybuilding exercises, which focuses on working the entire body part to the same type. Pilates exercises improve muscle strength through balanced development. In addition, flexibility and range of motion in muscles and joints.

Many people see pilates as an exercise of rehabilitation, rest and relaxation. But the truth is that it serves as the basis of any sport or exercise you do in your daily day. There are many reasons why you should practice pilates to start getting a number of advantages in your life. No matter what age or sex you are, you should exercise, either outdoors or indoors. In addition, playing a sport will bring you new friendships and groups that are formed as a result.

Benefits of doing Pilates

Knowing the benefits that Pilates can offer you, both physically and mentally, will give you specific and numerous advantages. Regular pilates with an exercise routine will give you specific benefits.

Increase your flexibility

Pilates is an activity where the use of the different movements and postures of the body are persevering. These movements or stretches cause the lengthening of our muscle fibers and their mobility. That is to say, as a consequence your body will feel more comfortable and prepared over time to perform other higher performance workouts, due to the increased flexibility.

Tones the body and improves strength

Pilates offers you the opportunity to get stronger, more defined and resistant muscles. This way the muscles of your body contract continuously with each exercise and it is comfortable especially for improving back, buttock and abdominal pain. In the exercises, if you perform the techniques and use the appropriate equipment, such as the use of Bonpilates machines, you can promote a healthy lifestyle that will make your muscles lengthen and strengthen, in turn increasing the mobility of the joints and consequently may reduce the risk of suffering injuries by muscles or joints.

Improves breathing

Knowing how to take a breath is fundamental in pilates. Getting regular breathing improves the circulation of your body, being advisable for stages of asthma, menopause, as it will bring you a healthier being. As long as you manage to put into practice the breathing patterns in pilates.

Helps maintain correct posture

For those who tend to have a bent back, or simply have muscle aches, pilates offers the opportunity to correct and maintain correct posture. That is, you will maintain a straight back position, contracting muscles and positioning your shoulders correctly.

Increase your energy and control

The more exercise, the more energy. As we have mentioned, with Pilates you will improve your circulation and your breathing. In this way you will be able to make pilates activities a more productive and effective exercise to become a more energetic person. This will not only be a physical control, but also a mental one. That will help you to know how to control your body and make your muscles do the job correctly. This way you will be the one who controls your body more easily.

Loss of weight

Practicing pilates with a balanced diet can not only strengthen your body, but also help you lose weight because it helps you burn fat.

In short, the creator himself, Joseph Pilates, said “In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference and in 30 sessions you will have a new body”. In other words, Pilates is an exercise that will change your physical and mental fitness and make you feel more confident and content with yourself.

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