What your teeth are telling you about your overall health

I think we’re all in agreement that tooth pain is one of the most frustrating pains that we can go through. But did you know that that pain or discomfort could actually be telling you more about your body than just a problem with your teeth? The mouth can be like a mirror for the state of your body, so while you’re looking for the best dentist London has to offer, or the closest emergency clinic, you should stop and think about what your teeth and mouth could be telling you. Here are just a few examples.

Tooth Decay

Of course, excess sugar and not brushing your teeth after eating are two of the most common causes of tooth decay, but there could be more to it than you’d think. If you’ve been used to being cavity-free your whole life and have suddenly been hit by more cavities than you can count, it could be a sign of diabetes. Tooth decay could be down to your body having a problem with processing glucose, and therefore the excess sugar in your saliva can work to encourage bacteria in your mouth which, in the end, can cause cavities!

Ground-Down Teeth

Feeling stressed? Tense? Are your teeth hurting too? It could be a sign that you’ve been grinding your teeth in your sleep. If you find that your teeth are aching and feeling flat, or your jaw is aching when you wake up, you could be grinding you teeth during the night. As strange as it might sound, it’s actually surprisingly common, especially if you find yourself stressed out from day to day! Your dentist can help you work out if this is what’s happening, so it could be worth a trip. They could provide you with a guard to protect them and help you reach the root of the problem.

Bleeding Gums

This one is perhaps the most commonly known, but bleeding gums could be a sign of gum disease. We’ve heard the adverts, we’ve had the lectures from our dentists, but how many of us truly take note when we spit blood after brushing our teeth? However, if you need any other reason to visit the dentist about your bleeding gums, the fact that gum disease could be linked to heart disease, diabetes, dementia and even pre-term birth should be enough!

Dry Mouth

If you’re on any medications, it’s very possible that your dry mouth is just a side effect of this, however if you aren’t it’s something to watch. If you find yourself constantly thirsty or with a dry mouth, it could be an early warning sign of diabetes and the sooner diabetes is caught, the sooner you can have the help you need before it can cause damage. Dry mouth could also be a sign of an autoimmune disorder, so a quick trip to the dentist could be worth it for extra peace of mind!

Bad Breath

Poor oral health is the most common cause of bad breath, but there could be more to it than just not brushing your teeth properly. Bad breath can be a sign of certain types of cancer including lung, throat and stomach cancer and acidic or fruity smelling bad breath could be a sign of diabetes! If it smells fishier, it could be liver failure.

It’s important to remember that a lot of issues with your teeth and mouth could be harmless. A mouth-cleanse at the dentist and a new brushing routine can solve plenty of dental issues, but a trip to the dentist to be safe can’t hurt. If you’re concerned that your oral health issues could be a sign of something more, give your dentist a call just to be sure!

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  1. Good article Sam
    Hope you’ll agree a clean tongue is an important part of the ‘good oral health’ equation
    Not least because of the research linking plaque buildup, VSC and taste impairment from a neglected tongue

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