Preparing For the Ski Holidays Using The Classic Pro Skier Of NordicTrack

Working out is a necessity for people who are having issues with their weight. Some of the most efficient workouts are jogging, swimming or cross-country skiing. But there may be some instances when it is not that easy to go outside to exercise because of bad weather conditions. This is where the Classic Pro Skier comes in.

The Company Behind The Classic Pro Skier

NordicTrack manufactures the Classic Pro Skier. NordicTrack is a company that offers a number of exercise equipment in the market. The entire range of fitness products of the company is known for offering the most popular machines in the world.

Classic Pro Skier of NordicTrack

The Classic Pro Skier of NordicTrack imitates body movements while going on cross-country skiing. This activity is considered a good cardiovascular exercise for anyone concerned with their health. The product is ideal for use before the ski holidays since it is the easiest way for its owners to have a cardiovascular workout in the comfort of their homes. Cross country skiing allows people weighing 160 pounds to lose around 10 calories every minute according to the American Council of Exercise.

There are numerous models of ski machines from NordicTrack. The Classic Pro Skier is popular among exercise enthusiasts due to its effectiveness. It also offers the natural motion of skiing in the Nordic regions. The equipment protects against injuries and prevents any discomfort among its users. You can also adjust the intensity of the workout. This can be done by modifying the resistance and elevation of the equipment. The Classic Pro Skier also offers a variety of exercises since the resistance controls for the arms and legs are independent of each other.

Using the Classic Pro Skier

The first thing users have to do is to position their feet on the platform. This platform moves back and forth on rails. The hand grips of the skier provide balance to the users. It also allows the upper body to have a good workout while moving.

Fitness coach Ben Cohn said cardiovascular exercises can burn calories more efficiently compared to resistance training. Users weighing 155 pounds to lose around 500 calories for every hour they exercise. On the other hand, persons weighing 205 pounds can lose around 650 calories at the same period. This makes the Classic Pro Skier an ideal machine to use for people hoping to burn fat quickly and efficiently. The Classic Pro Skier can also tone and strengthen the muscles of the body since it offers resistance to leg and arm movements.


  • It is advisable for users to consult their doctors before they use cardiovascular equipment.
  • Always wear shoes when you work out on the Classic Pro Skier of NordicTrack.
  • Users should also make sure water is available during the workout, and they should keep themselves hydrated all the time.

The Classic Pro Skier is definitely an ideal product for anyone who wants to have a good workout at home. Aside from helping them burn fats and tone muscles, it also allows them to prepare for their cross-country skiing trip during the holidays.




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