How to Get Medical Supplies Insurance Won’t Cover

Its bad enough to be in a situation where you need DME (durable medical equipment) to get around day to day, but to make matters worse, you may have an insurance plan that does not offer coverage for such items. But wait; there is good news, a silver lining, even. Read on to find out how to go about acquire the supplies you need without breaking the bank.

Buying DME over the counter could sometimes be better financially than going through an insurance agency. Accoring to NPR, “a pair of standard armpit crutches, for example, may cost $40 at the local pharmacy, while the insurance copayment might be $100.” Sometimes the insurance company will agree to pay more than what the product would normally sell for and if you have a high deductible you can be stuck with an unnecessary astronomical bill.


Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) are also an economical route that can be taken advantage of. A number of home care supply stores are covered by PAP, however, they mostly cover supplies for diabetics more often that for incontinence or ostomy supplies. All you need to do is go to your primary care doctor and fill out a form to apply.


You may or may not know this, but discount drug cards not only cover prescriptions, but may also cover certain home care supplies. Simply go to your drug store of choice and present your card. If they do not accept it for supplies they may know of another local store that does apply toward DME.


Couponing isn’t just for groceries and retail anymore. You can find several coupons and free samples of products to help you get the supplies you need. In your coupon hunt, you are likely to find great options  and deals for diabetic and incontinence supplies, but you can also find coupons for ointments, bandages, braces, and popular prescription drugs.


A great site for discount medical supplies is AvaCare Medical. They have serviced and delivered to 48 states and have a great reputation with their customers. They offer discounts year round, their most recent being 5% off of $35 spent or more as well as 10% off of a purchase of $100 or more. They sell any supply you may need and offer shopping guides to help you make the best choice and find the best price as well.  They put their customers before their price margins, having started as a company that refurbished used supplies and donated them to the public. AvaCareMedical also offers the ability to partner with GoFundMe. When you start a campaign that’s part of their partnership they will fund the last 10 percent of your campaign’s medical needs. If you need $5,000 and you raise $4,500, for example, the company will give you the last $500 you need. They do this through a desire to make sure people who need help the most are getting that help. CEO Steven Zeldes says “Medical equipment and supplies shouldn’t be something anyone considers a luxury.”

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