How to Be a Vegetarian on a Budget

Adhering to a vegetarian or vegan diet always gives people the impression that it is more expensive than eating meat. Somehow, the idea of eating a plant-based diet is perceived to be a privilege only a few people can afford. Perhaps what is to blame here is the proliferation of artisanal brands, organic meals, Whole Foods, and ingredients labeled as ‘superfoods’ which eventually put a premium price tag on otherwise cheap produce.

But the whole idea of removing meat from your diet is supposed to be a significant cost-cutting factor. If you stick to the basics, vegetarian food is not expensive, not to mention extremely good for your health. If you are considering a lifestyle change and want to become a vegetarian, but on a budget, here are our tips.

Try vegetarian food delivery services once in a while

Let’s face it; not everyone has the time to shop and cook food from scratch all the time. If you find yourself stuck with the same choice of ingredients and would like an upgrade to simple vegetarian fare, you can try a meal delivery service with vegetarian recipes developed by professional chefs. What’s great about a meal delivery kit is that you have the ingredients prepped and ready to cook delivered to your doorstep.

Go out of your comfort zone and visit an Asian store

Spicing up your vegetarian meals is key to preparing the most delicious recipes that do not use meat. In an Asian store, you can find exotic ingredients like coconut milk and spices that come at very affordable prices. Do not be afraid to try something new and introduce your palate to new flavors.

Farmer’s markets and farm shares are the way to go

Forget expensive organic grocery stores. For cheap and high-quality produce, why not visit a farmer’s market every weekend? Supporting local entrepreneurs is also great for business, and you will find a selection of one-of-a-kind vegetarian-friendly ingredients from these markets that are otherwise too expensive to buy in your neighborhood grocery store.

Learn to grow your own herbs and vegetables

This tip is perfect for people who are not afraid to try their hand at growing herbs and vegetables. Herbs play a significant role in vegetarian cooking, and if you have a few pots of herbs at home, you will cut down on your grocery expenses. Some vegetables are also easy to grow in a home garden if you have modest gardening skills.

Not everything has to be organic

Some fruits and vegetables are okay even when not produced organically. For example, vegetables that you peel, such as squash, do not have to be organic. On the other hand, pay attention to specific produce that is notorious for having a significant amount of pesticide residue. Some of the vegetables that you need to buy organic are lettuce, spinach, kale, and tomatoes.

 Buy in bulk and use coupons

Staples that last a long time like dried beans, nuts, and oats can be bought in bulk. This way you will get a discount. Similarly, scout local newspapers and magazines for sales and discount coupons you can use next time you go grocery shopping.

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