All about electrostimulation

Electrostimulation is a technique widely used in the field of fitness and aesthetics, which promises many physical benefits, but it is also very controversial. This gives rise to many doubts and the practice of which must be guided and controlled by professionals. This electro-fitness equipment, mainly by means of electrical impulses, causes muscular contractions and, as a consequence, causes an effect similar to an exercised muscle. Additionally, it is often used as a slimming treatment, allowing the muscle to increase tone, improve our skin’s flaccidity and increase volume, strength and endurance of the muscles.

You may not be convinced by the idea of “electric current” and “muscles”, but it is actually something that has been done for a long time and its effectiveness has been proven. A great example is the electrostimulation fitness at Engineers with several years of experience in medical equipment have developed the best electric muscle stimulator equipment. Besides, they have quality certificates, such as the KTC or the CE, which make them be part of the global leading brands of wireless electro-fitness equipment.

In many centres, muscle electrostimulation promises weight loss and muscle toning with just 40 minutes of exercise during the week. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? So today we’re going to show you the main benefits of electrostimulation.

  • Electrostimulation can save us a lot of time, because the muscles are exercised faster compared to traditional ways and can also be used anywhere and at any time. People are able to do two things perfectly at once.
  • Electro-stimulation is effective and ergonomic, you can get more than 300 muscles to exercise intensely, deeply and at the same time. It is also recommended because it achieves greater muscle activation and fiber contraction, something that sometimes with classic trainings can not be achieved in the same way.
  • It can help you to improve your body posture, bad postures we adopt without realizing ends up taking its toll on us and causing various problems and injuries, but if we exercise our body with electro-stimulation we make our muscles wake up and strengthen our body avoiding bad postures.
  • It is almost impossible to have a joint injury problem and much less to affect the bones, with electrical exercises we avoid overloads that on the contrary can happen practicing other types of sports and physical activities.
  • As we have said before, the correction of a body posture allows to relieve back problems, normally the muscles that are close to the spine are rarely exercised, but with electrodes this is possible, making the muscles stronger and back pains can be reduced.

In short, it is difficult to find disadvantages to this type of training, after these six benefits we have defined are derived a full amount of advantages such as improving elasticity, reducing pain, recovering faster and adapt to training more easily after an injury, on the other hand maintaining a healthy diet and doing this type of exercise we believe that this is more than enough to motivate both amateur athletes and professionals, we recommend you make the decision to do so and begin to improve your marks.


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