Happiness: It’s Not About the Money

When singer-songwriter Jessie J – worth an estimated $8 million – preached about the value of money in her hit record Price Tag people around the World chimed in harmony, “what the f**k does she know?” But according to new research, she may know more than we gave her credit for.

A list of the top 50 elements needed to have a feel good day have ranked “sitting in the garden sun”, “laughing” and “getting a good night’s sleep” in the top five, with barely a mention of the lavish night’s out and luxurious expenses many of us perceive as being the key to happiness.

Three quarters of those asked admitted they would rather feel happy than have lots of money, with many listing ‘freebies’ as the key to achieving that. Eight in ten adults also said a spot of exercise helps to turn a run-of-the-mill day into a good one, with healthy eating also ranking towards the top.

Wellbeing expert and ambassador for Highland Spring’s Feel Good initiative, Calgary Avansino, advocated “move and sweat” as being the key to happiness, with a balance diet and low sugar intake also key.

But most importantly, we must “commit to trying to feel good”.

“Eating and staying healthily hydrated shouldn’t feel like a chore. Be kind to yourself and replace bad habits with good ones.”

Top 50 feel good moments:

1. Sitting in the garden in the sun
2. A quality meal
3. Listening to music
4. Laughing
5. Getting a good night’s sleep
6. A drink with friends
7. Going on holiday
8. Sleeping in a freshly made bed
9. When loved ones have good news
10. Feeling sun on your face
11. Finding money
12. Having a clean house
13. People saying ‘thank you’
14. Having some time alone
15. Making a nice cup of tea
16. The smell of bacon in the morning
17. Witnessing a kind act
18. Watching a favourite film
19. Giving someone a gift
20. Having a barbecue
21. Going for a family trip out
22. Time relaxing on the sofa with your partner
23. A hot bath
24. Buying new clothes/outfits
25. Enjoying a quiet pint
26. Walking the dog
27. Listening to rainfall when you’re indoors
28. Finding a bargain in the sales
29. Enjoying the perfect steak
30. Winning at a game/ competition
31. Playing with kids
32. A refreshing glass or bottle of water
33. Finishing work on a Friday
34. Baking
35. Visiting a theme park
36. Watching sports
37. Singing in the shower
38. When there’s no traffic on your commute
39. Playing a sport eg tennis
40. Bingeing on a box set
41. Playing video games
42. Decorating a home
43. Dancing in the kitchen
44. Exercise classes
45. Yoga
46. Setting your Out of Office before going on a holiday
47. Watching animal videos online
48. Gossiping
49. Riding a motorbike
50. Overtaking people when they’re in the wrong lane

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