In Pictures – Grumpy Husky helps pay for student’s medical degree

It is astounding what can make you money these days, but one woman’s dog has become so famous, he has paid her to go to medical school.

Jasmine Milton with Husky Anuko. A savvy student is funding her medical degree through her grumpy, but famous, husky. See NATIONAL story NNHUSKY. Jasmine Milton, 20, from Shropshire, has already raised ¿20,000 through two-year-old Anuko, who found fame through his steely glare. Since hitting the headlines last year, Anuko has amassed almost 11,000 Instagram followers, hundreds of gifts and even modelling jobs. But despite his fierce looks, Jasmine says he is a lovable and affectionate pet. Now she is set to spend the cash, raked in by her famous pup, on following a dream career in medicine.

So far, husky Anusko, has raised a huge £20,000 through copyright of his pictures and personal appearances.

Thanks to her steely glared pup, Jasmine hopes to nab a place at Plovdiv Medical University in Bulgaria next year.


Jasmine Milton, 20, from Shropshire said: “He looks grumpy but actually he is really friendly and affectionate.”


The dog’s grumpy glare is caused by the pattern of his fur and not a bad attitude. Anusko has 11,000 Instagram followers and is in huge demand for modeling jobs.


As well as paying her into Uni, the dog has also help Jasmine with her bipolar disorder, which she has battled for years.

The pair have formed an instant bond and became inseparable and take long walks most days.

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