Going for Gold: The non-invasive supplement giving your skin a daily boost

Since hitting 30 I have been far more interested in beauty products and what will work ‘wonders’ for my skin, than I’ve ever been before.

You can safely say, I’m that desirable (gullible) customer for brands and will buy into just about any skin related fad.

Transform your skin, tighten those wrinkles, and my personal favourite, stop the clock! If it has a catchy strapline, I’m yours!

But just as much as I’m willing to try these products, I am also sceptical.

Despite desperately wanting to believe they’ll change the age game, I’m realistic in my thinking.

But as I continue to look into the various skin related experiments I’ve been trialling for The London Economic: Battle of the skins, I’ve been amazed by some of the incredible offerings out there.

However, there is one product that I can’t get out of my mind, routine and life – one that I never expected to buy into.

I’d seen the adverts everywhere and impeccable fresh faces – claiming amazing results. Of course judging the book by the cover, I was already sold, but still sceptical as ever.

Gold Collagen is skincare that starts with a sip… or at least that’s what it says on the box.

A 30 day trial will set you back around £70 dependent on where you purchase it from.

But I quickly discovered that this magic little potion comes with a lot of attention, for all the right reasons.

Two weeks in, taking one bottle once a day after lunch, and already my mum asked what I’d done differently to my skin.

She then went on to assume I’d had Botox. I hadn’t. She wasn’t convinced.

Three weeks in, my friends at brunch complemented my complexion and said that something looked different. I smiled.

Four weeks in, I studied my face in the mirror and tried desperately to remember how it looked before I started. Was it really any different?

In photos (selfies included,) we are all guilty of deleting the ones that don’t make the cut. The ones that aren’t up-loadable to Instagram or that make us cringe realising we’ve aged.

Because we are a generation where getting rid of any imperfections is easy and we delete at the click of a button, I had no true evidence to see what lines had frowned there before.

But something was different.

And complements aside (thank you friends and family) something visibly was changing in my appearance.

I’ve always been unnerved by Botox. That fear of permanently changing your appearance and not being able to go back.

Pillow face, cat eyes, shiny skin, and all the other horror stories you hear from over subscribers, made me recoil with nerves.

But this wasn’t Botox and nor was it trying to be.

Collagen is proven to keep elasticity in our skin. As we age our collagen breaks down and therefore lines creep in. In short, we age.

I’m a great believer in ageing gracefully and I’ll be the first to complement anyone that does it proudly. But I am also a great believer in doing what makes you feel your very best.

Anything that promotes a healthy glow, great appearance and makes you feel good, is surely a good thing?

With no needles required, this non-invasive supplement is the perfect remedy to giving your skin that daily boost.

But don’t take my word for it, I encourage men and women to try this product and see for themselves.

This is one product that works wonders.

Bottoms up.

Purchase yours at: http://www.gold-collagen.com/pure-gold-collagen


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