GHOGY, The Online Personal Trainer Launches

GHOGY, an online personal training website that provides interactive personalised fitness plans via instructional videos and customisable meal plans has launched.

The online personal trainer aims to motivate and transform clients into the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.

Before online fitness subscriptions became available, fitness enthusiasts were forced to either attend fitness classes, pay for an expensive personal trainer or create a programme to follow themselves, which often resulted in people giving up or obtaining injuries.

Now thanks to GHOGY, people can achieve their fitness goals, with added convenience, accessibility, affordability and most importantly, confidence. GHOGY offers a number of different online workouts and meal plans that are individually tailored to the client’s needs, allowing each plan to fit seamlessly with their current lifestyle.

Once clients have access to their individual plan, they can choose to train whenever they are ready without the overhead of an expensive personal trainer. GHOGY also takes away any anxiety that those new to exercise often express.

GHOGY allows their clients to build their fitness and confidence from the privacy of their own homes. Those more experienced or confident can also follow the workouts in a gym setting if prefered.

The start up venture was set up by entrepreneur Samuel Abbott and Personal Trainer David Hogan.

David explains: “The GHOGY Plan has been designed so it isn’t a short-term goal or quick fix option. Instead it is a lifestyle plan with continual support for you to achieve and, most importantly, maintain your fitness goals.

I understand how hard keeping to a goal can be. Particularly if you have to constantly count calories, read food labels or come up with new workouts to stay motivated. I’ve designed the GHOGY Guide to do all of the hard work for you. That way you are fully able to focus on achieving your goals and attain real results.”

The process is simple: the online GHOGY fitness plan provides clients with everything they need to get fit and healthy. Clients will receive an online progress tracker, allowing clients to easily track the changes in their body, a personalised exercise plan, designed around their current lifestyle, a dedicated trainer and online videos.

GHOGY’s customisable meal planner is another standout feature of the subscription service. Not only does is cater for vegetarians and vegans, it also has a range of recipes that are suitable for those that are intolerant to dairy or gluten. Subscribers are also able to choose meals based on difficulty, cooking time or whether they are freezable.


Price of GHOGY is £14.99 per month.

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