Future Beauty Innovations And Trends

By Steve Taggart

The non-surgical treatments industry has seen massive growth throughout the last few years, with demand for anti-ageing and cosmetic treatments remaining buoyant even during the darkest days of the recession.

Perhaps one of the reasons is that the market is still in growth, expanding naturally as more and more consumers become aware of the treatments available and the results that can be achieved without surgery.

The most popular treatments carried out remain injectable treatments. These are quick, effective and reliable in producing anti-ageing results. Yet interest in new and innovative procedures is also growing as practitioners at the forefront of the industry offer more and more variety and choice of techniques to enable patients to choose one that is absolutely right for them.

The Exquisite Facial is a new and revolutionary use of two very well known, but never before combined procedures. It combines IPL (Intense Pulse Light) with a specially chosen organic fruit chemical peel.

In a treatment protocol designed to combine the benefits of both treatments for optimum benefit. The facial was originally designed to treat sun damage but treats conditions as diverse as rosacea and acne scarring as well as tackling fine lines and revitalising tired skin.

Silhouette Soft – Lifting and Rejuvenating the Face without Surgery

While IPL is an exciting way forward for general skin improvement, it is less effective at tackling the general ‘softening’ of the chin and jawline which characterise ageing. Until now, the ultimate treatment here would be a face lift, but that is drastic and irreversible surgery involving removal of skin, bandages, several nights in hospital and months of recovery.

Silhouette Soft involves placing specially a designed internal suture system within the skin. The sutures are manipulated to create a lifting effect, redefining facial features such as cheekbones and jawline for a smoother and more youthful look.

Dr Kubicka explains:

Silhouette Soft® offers a new way of lifting and redefining the shape of the face, making it appear more youthful without the need for a scalpel. This procedure has been nick-named the ‘one stitch facelift’ or thread lift and is ideal for those aged over 30 who are looking to hold back the signs of ageing in a natural and flattering yet effective way.”

“As an added benefit, the process kick-starts the skin’s own renewal processes, generating collagen for firmer skin. This gently and gradually replenishes volume in the skin over a period of time and adds to the rejuvenation effect, meaning that results continue to get better and lines continue to fade.”

The procedure lasts around 18 months, involves no surgery and with no use of fillers is ideal for those concerned about making the face look plump.

With the arrival of new technology and innovations, anybody considering a non-surgical skin treatment is best advised to choose a practitioner who has a broad range of skin treatment options and can therefore give the best possible advice on which would suit your skin requirements and budget.

Prevention – 5 Everyday Tips for Youthful Skin

 Whether or not you are interested in professional skin treatments, it is amazing just what a difference good general dietary, lifestyle and home skin care practices can make to the appearance and age of the skin.

Dr Kubicka firmly believes in an integrated approach to skin care and feels giving that general lifestyle advice is a key element to having great skin. These top 5 tips for youthful skin are designed to get the basics in place. Any professional treatment will always have an even greater impact when the skin itself is in tip top condition.


  1. Sun protection – the sun’s UVA and UVB rays cause collagen and elastin to break down so that lines and wrinkles appear prematurely and the skin loses texture and tone. Use a quality mineral SPF50+ sunscreen every day of the year, even in winter
  2. Exfoliate – a regular whisking away of the dead cells means that the skin is clearer. While microdermabrasion or chemical peels offer deep exfoliation, exfoliating wash or dry body brushing at home on a daily basis are very helpful too
  3. Skin care – make sure that the skin care you use is based on active ingredients (vitamins a, c, e glycolic lactic acid) without toxic or harmful additives. Moisturise to avoid dryness which can be ageing
  4. Diet – sugary, saturated fatty diets are unlikely to lead to radiant skin. Choosing plenty of fresh products means the skin is nourished from within. Superfoods such as berries and nuts are particularly helpful
  5. Hydration – make sure you drink extra water to flush out coffee, alcohol or soft drinks from your body (one glass of coca cola requires 32 glasses of water) – most people don’t, but dehydrated skin means that the cells aren’t able to function properly and can cause the skin to age more rapidly

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