Forgetful Brits Leave £140-Worth of Possessions Behind When Moving Home

Check your nooks and crannies on your next house move – The average home owner is likely to leave behind a small fortune in forgotten possessions when moving home, according to research.

The study of 2,000 homeowners revealed that 26 per cent of movers have forgotten a beloved item when packing up their home, to the tune of a tasty £138.13 on average.

That totals over £493million in forgotten items nationwide – not to be sniffed at.

Twelve per cent meanwhile have had something of significant sentimental value vanish or break during the moving process.

A spokesperson from eBay, who commissioned the research, said: “Moving home is a hassle, and squeezing your life into a stack of cardboard boxes can feel like a monumental task at times.”

The study also revealed that one in four homeowners use a ‘Caretaker’ approach when packing up their home, filling boxes and planning meticulously to make sure the move goes smoothly.

Twelve per cent admitted to falling into the role of ‘Packing Procrastinator’, putting off the process for as long as possible.

Twenty per cent of homeowners start planning their house move at least six months in advance, and a further fifth pack their first box a full month ahead of moving day.

An impulsive one in eight courts disaster and procrastinates until the week of the move before knocking the process into gear.

When it comes to enlisting help with the move 49 per cent ask their partner to assist, and 27 per cent choose Mum first ahead of the quarter of homeowners who favour Dad.

Men are most likely to kick off ‘The Big Pack’ by boxing up the bedroom, while women pack up the spare room first.

The survey was commissioned by eBay in light of their refreshed Home Move hub; a dedicated on-site solution for movers with expert tips and tricks, packing essentials and storage solutions; which aims to help ease the stress of moving.

A spokesperson from eBay, who commissioned the research, continued: “With the refreshed Home Move hub, we hope to help Britain move a little better by providing a simple one-stop shop at your fingertips with a wide range of products and tips tailored for every type of move.”

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