Five Things to do on a New Year’s Eve in London

Have you planned your New Year’s Eve already?

With twelve months boiling down to a single night you’d better make it a memorable one. People would generally plan for this grand closing of a year for weeks, and months even. It can happen more than often that people get lost in their work and responsibilities, however, and simply forget to plan in advance.

What are doing for New Year’s Eve?” is the question you’ll constantly hear echoing around. To help out, those of you lucky enough to be spending the big night in London will now have a list of five exciting things to choose from, provided they read on this article of ours.

Often called the Capital of the World, London is universally perceived as one of the greatest cities on the planet. It’s a city bursting with life 24/7/365 and those staying in it on 31st December will have a huge variety of options to choose from for the New Year’s Eve.

As you go through the suggested list below, make sure to have a look at the traffic updates as transport in London could pose a great challenge in seeing your New Year’s plans through.

The Mayor of London’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks

New Year’s Eve fireworks display is a London attraction that is celebrated along the Victoria Embankment and South Bank areas of the River Thames. The fireworks are launched at every year off the London Eye at midnight, before which the countdown is performed along the chimes of Big Ben.

It’s a tradition which started in 1999 to celebrate the year 2000 and still goes strong every year. Tens of thousands of people gather each year to watch the display and a huge crowd is expected at the 2018/19 event. We’re sorry to disappoint all those who failed to purchase the tickets on time as they are all sold out but let this be a reminder to plan ahead for the next year. We do have an alternative solution, however.

Fireworks Cruise on the Thames

Those who fail to purchase tickets for fireworks on time or those who simply want to avoid crowds that most recently went up to 80,000-strong can enjoy a sophisticated fireworks night out on the river Thames.

The river is a magical place to be at night and it will undoubtedly offer a different perspective of lit-up riverside landmarks. A wide array of cruises and speedboat rides on New Year’s Eve are available in London and the good news is you will have a variety to choose from in order to find that perfect ride that suits both your taste and pocket. Few things can beat a midnight cruise along the Thames which provides a truly spectacular backdrop to an unforgettable night. Apologies if such a description sounds like something you’ll find written in a promo pamphlet but it cannot be closer to the truth.

Dive into London’s Vivid Gaming Scene

Just in case rocky boats are not exactly your cup of tea and you fancy getting away from a crowd into a more secluded and private environment, London’s vivid gambling scene will cater to all your needs.

The entertainment scene of England’s capital is truly a picturesque one. It is a combination of the city’s old-style glamour and mystery with the ever-evolving metropolitan spirit and there is nothing depicting it better than London’s casino landscape. London brick-and-mortar gambling establishments are special attractions of the city, often branded as world-class venues. Different facilities all have their own unique themes, style, games and food & drink, which particularly come to life during the festive season.

And if you’re thinking about spending the big night playing, this full list of London-based casinos will help you determine which one is the best choice for you. This comprehensive overview will help you plan a trip to the casino that is closest to your accommodation and also provide you with all relevant information such as parking info, dress code and admissions, just so you can make New Year’s Eve plans accordingly.

Hit the Club, Party into the Night!

Adrenaline hungry party goers who find sitting at a casino table too tedious should not worry. London’s bursting party offering has a life of its own. It does not matter if you want to listen to some great live music or get some high-octane party action. London’s got you covered.

From intimate bashes perfect for two to stunning banquets or unusually lively night club world, describing the London’s party scene to every detail is a mission impossible. We could be biased to pick Ministry of Sound as our favourite go-to party place but this venue definitely deserves to be at the top of the pick.

This place has been entertaining Londoners for over a quarter of a century and stands tall as arguably the most popular club in London with four bars, as many dancefloors and five distinctive rooms to appeal to all of your senses.

Recharge Your Batteries at London Parade

After a night’s partying, casino going, cruising or walking, there is nothing better to help you recharge your batteries like the London’s New Year’s Day Parade, also known as LNYDP.

Initiated in 1987, the LNYDP is the biggest New Year’s Day street event of its kind in the world and you simply don’t want to miss it. It covers a route two miles long and it will let you ring in the New Year with a festive cheer. Pounding the pavement with hundreds of thousands of other people in an event that’s televised around the globe is definitely a perfect way to let go with the past and look ahead into the new year.  

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