What Are the Most Important Aspects to Look into While Buying a New Watch?

These days, you will find an array watches in the market and some of them will be best suited to you. If you are spending a good amount of money on your watch, you will expect it to look stylish and you must feel comfortable when you wear it.

Besides that, it is also wise to invest your money for a watch which will last for many years, irrespective of how frequently you must be wearing it.

There are so many features of new watch that makes both finding as well as purchasing enjoyable.

It is however, more important to take your time and find the right kind of watch which matches with your personality and also your lifestyle, otherwise you may end up returning back the watch to purchase another one.

We are going to look at eleven most important factors that you must consider before purchasing a watch. Few of them are obvious, but few are perhaps you might have not ever thought of before.

  1. Style

Breitling Superoceanwatches are available in many shapes and sizes. Generally, you may classify watches into any of the styles as follows:

  • Casual
  • Luxury
  • Sport
  • Vintage

You will look for style mostly when you plan to wear your watch for most of the time.

However, if you want to wear it only for certain business events, prefer to choose a luxury watch which will be a good call. However, if you want just a traditional watch which looks good in variety of personal as well as business settings, then a vintage or casual watch will suffice.

Lastly, in case you are an athlete or outdoorsman, a sports watch will have all the strength and features that you are looking for

2.Type (digital or analog)

Nowadays digital watches are found in big numbers everywhere, like mobile phones displaying the time. Analog watches now appear little old fashioned, having clock hands with either digits or roman numerals around the outside.

Majority of the sport watches have digital interface, and casual or luxury watches generally have analog faces. Digital watches can easily be read and typically available with other features, which are much more complex to use.

3. Features

First decide what you will be using your watch for. This will decide between the type and style of the watch too.

Also, if you have decided that you will need more than just a basic timepiece then how much more really do you need?

Mostly the sport watches will feature a stopwatch and timer, but perhaps you are looking for GPS, multiple alarms or a speed calculator.

In case, you are buying watch for the purpose of camping, erring on side of many different features is probably a good idea.

4. Material

Following are the most commonly available materials for the case and band:

  • Canvas
  • Gold
  • Leather for the band only
  • Plastic
  • Silver
  • Titanium

Plastic and canvas watches may look cheaper, but can be typically more useful outside and durable.

However, the metal materials may look amazing, but silver and gold watches get expensive look.

As far as band is concerned, leather can be less durable, but will be lightweight, and also adds traditional look for the watch.

5. Water resistance

Majority of watches have little bit of resistance to water so that you need not worry about any water splashing on your watch while washing your hands. There are many watches that can either be splash-proof or meant for diving and swimming.

6. Brand

In case, you are buying your watch to look stylish and perhaps to show off at your work place then brand will also be important. Any cheap Rolex watch too has more amount of brand appeal than certain top-of-the-line Timex watch.

Certain brands like Omega, Rolex and Seiko will have good reputation and also brand recognition.

7. Dial style and size

Dial of the watch will typically refer to the case as well as the outside of its face. In general, you may just pick certain dial size which matches with your wrist. In case, if you have very thin or small wrist then picks a dial having small diameter and height.

On the contrary, if you have very thick wrist then picks a taller case and bigger face.

8. Wardrobe considerations

Though we are not expert in fashion, we can tell from our experience that few things you must consider about watches and also about your clothing.

Firstly, gold watches will typically look great for dark, or any earthy colors e.g. grey, brown and green dresses. They will look best mostly during the day.

Titanium and silver watches will look great particularly during night. They too will go well with blue, black and even grey dresses.

9. Power source

Let us not get into various complexities, and typically there are four types of power source for common watches:

  • Automatic: these will wind by itself as you move the wrist around.
  • Mechanical: you need to wind these watches once every day.
  • Quartz: these will contain a battery which needs to be changed after every few years.
  • Solar: these are powered by sunlight. As long as all parts are functional, you need not wind or have to replace anything.

10. Luminosity

Another less-common feature is light-up face. In case, you want to use the watch during night then illuminating face will help a lot. Additionally, it is just fun if you play with it once in a while.

11. Weight

The last factor to consider will be the weight of your watch. Few watches may barely make you feel that they are on the wrist, while few others feel almost like a brick.

Try to find something which feels comfortable. In case, you prefer a watch but a lighter version, look if you are able to find similar model having a leather strap in place of metal band.

Also, take little time to think, what you are really looking for in your watch based on the above 11 factors. Visit to any mall or online store and try to find your watch-mate.

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