How to pick the perfect jacket for the winter?

What’s a Winter Jacket?

We’ve all been there, the bright winter sun luring us into a false sense of security. By the end of the day wishing we’d worn a thicker, more suitable jacket. So, when the mercury starts to move we need to switch up our outwear choices.

Winter jackets are typically thicker coats with added insulation, length and a hood, which makes them suitable for anything winter throws at us – from snow and sleet to those icy wind chills. Winter jackets should be able to provide enough warmth when worn as the main layer and standalone garment, whereas those lightweight summer/spring jackets are more feature pieces, that adds style to your look over any practical usage.

Superdry have created the following Temperature Guide, to help guide your decision on what winter jacket your best suited to.

How do I buy one?

When buying a winter jacket, it’s always wise to invest in a solid winter jacket. Having a range of jackets that don’t keep you warm and dry isn’t as good as having one or two reliable options for when the nights draw in. When purchasing your jacket, you should also look at the lining, it should be thick but not bulky so you’re comfortable day-to-day. Choosing how long your jacket is, should also be considered – what activities will you be doing? The weather and climate of where you live and the desired warmth.


So, you may be picking a large garment but it doesn’t mean that you can’t find something stylish as well as practical.

Bomber  – Winter not quite there yet? A bomber will do when it’s just starting to cool down. Look for an upgraded version featuring a luxury lining like shearling or quilting to keep things cosy.

Military – You don’t need army training to embrace the military jacket this season. With camo prints making a comeback as well as patches and embroidered embellishments, they’re great if you want a jacket that stands out.

Windcheater – A staple of every coat cupboard, windcheaters work for every situation. A fleece lining keeps warmth in, while a waterproof exterior means you don’t need to worry about the weather.

Parka – When you’re braving the outdoors on a Saturday night, you need a jacket that’s going to see you through. A parka works for all occasions and is the perfect weapon in your outerwear arsenal when it comes to layering.

Quilted – Okay, time to take things seriously now. The design of our quilted jackets means warmth stays in – and doesn’t go anywhere. Perfect if you’re not an accessories guy or gal and just want to get ready and out of the house.

Down – For when things get seriously cold, you’ve got your down jacket. If you’re a skier this could easily double up for après in the evening, otherwise it’s spot on for when you’re off on that winter city break.

The Winter Jacket Temperature Guide
Provided by Superdry

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