FOX Racing Clothing: for both on and off the motocross circuit

The world’s leading motocross equipment company FOX Racing, has become a smart-casual must-have for the fashion conscious youth. With outstanding quality and innovative designs, these jackets and sweatshirts still loved by professionals tearing up dirt round the circuit, are now making their mark on the street.

Fox Racing was founded in 1974, and since then have set a standard of quality that has become a worldwide motocross benchmark. Fox Racing clothing designs are fresh, innovative, original and high quality, and so today, the brand produces the equipment for the best motocross riders all over the world as well as having established themselves as an international leader in the youth lifestyle clothing market.

Motocross emerged in the UK and quickly spread throughout the world and led many manufacturers, especially Europeans, but also in the U.S. and Japan, to create their own motocross bikes, and Fox has been at the heart of it all for years.

The apparel category MX by FOX Racing has all clothing and accessories for amateurs and professionals who are engaged in this sport of competition. In the MX Fox Racing section you can find helmets, goggles, boots, jerseys, jackets, spare parts and much more, for men, women and children.You must not forget that motocross for children is booming: a proper sportive discipline

that includes workshops to train future champions. You can rely on Fox Racing to provide riders with clothing that gives maximum protection and performance, with full freedom of movement.

FOX Racing jackets from motocross to the city

In MTB by FOX Racing section you can find three categories: outerwear, downhill, and trail. One for each occasion. Since few years ago, fashion designers and worldwide clothing brands are incorporating equipment motocross elements to everyday clothes. Double neck lapels, big jerseys, lots of leather or a multitude of layers are added to what is known as Alpine fashion and that has a clear motocross inspiration.

The Fox Racing brand is in great demand. The Fox logo instantly recognised across the world, whether on sweatshirts, caps or jackets, it marks you out as being part of an elite club. Main buyers are youngsters who are carrying their sport passion or simply look for comfortable and fashionable clothes.

FOX Racing jackets have crossed over motocross into the everyday, and can now be seen on the most cosmopolitan of city streets, styled out by urban motorbike riders that are looking for comfortable, safe and high quality designs.

Fox, ready to scramble

Currently the brand is sponsoring several athletes including Tim Gajser from Slovenia; his skills on the bike has been the talk of the sport, to the point of being given the nickname the Michael Jordan of motocross.

Ken Roczen is another athlete known as one of the world’s hottest MX2 properties, the talented lad from Thüringen in Germany made his mark in the world of motocross.  

About Brett there is a great expectation, as the experts believe that he can revolutionise the sport. Fox also sponsors Loïc Bruni, current world champion. All of these pro athletes and many more are making clear that this brand is at the top of the game when it comes to motocross, and in the street.

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