Five fresh ways to layer up with your winter wardrobe

With the cold weather very much upon us, thoughts turn to dressing for the necessity of beating the chill. Yet even as the long nights draw in there’s nothing to say that we have to fall foul of the same common style mistakes. Smart layering is so much more than slipping a thick knit over the top of your regular jeans and t-shirt combination – and our five fast tips will keep you warm yet stylish until spring.

Wear your thinnest things closest

The first law of layering clothing is to always go from thin to thick. It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how often this cardinal rule isn’t obeyed. Not only does it keep the heat in, but it’s also a good way of ensuring that you’re not overcomplicating what you’re wearing.

Taking a moment to pay attention to your temperature as you dress – from thin cotton top through to jumper and coat – lets you gauge how many extra layers you’ll need. With weather as unpredictable as ours, being able to lose a layer or two throughout the day while keeping the look together is essential.

Smart vs casual

A smart function on a winter’s night can see blazers and overcoats layered to sublime effect, while popping in on your little nieces and nephews to deliver festive gifts can be done in a much more laid-back way. Colour plays its part here too. Darker hues portray the authority of a smart look, while a strong pop of colour is enough to give the whole ensemble an altogether more fun and flirtatious vibe.

Make the coat count

One of the most important pieces of outerwear to invest in for A/W layering is, of course, a coat. You don’t need to stick to just one either, as men’s winters coats cover everything from parkas to overcoats, peacoats to hoodies. From high street to high end, there are countless options available for just about any occasion going. The range of winter coats from Tu proves that you don’t have to pay designer prices for a luxe look either, with choices that include stylish gilets and thick cotton overshirts that are perfect for layering.

Patterns and colours

With the pragmatic part of layering sorted, it’s time to consider the overall look. Complementary colours are one thing, but don’t miss the chance for some patterns too. Stripes instantly add some texture and interest to an otherwise simple look, while a relaxed checked shirt as a midsection between outerwear and base pieces always works well – in fact they’ve accounted for 1 in 3 of all shirts sold so far this year.

Don’t ditch the denim

It seems like every year there’s a new denim trend, although the timelessness of the fabric makes it a permanent winter staple in one form or another. Keep this is in mind as you layer, while encouraging yourself to break free of the traditional jeans and knitwear pairing.

One of the easiest ways to use denim on top is as a middle layer between your coat and your base. A thin denim shirt is a great investment at this time of year, while a good denim jacket will come in extra handy as we transition into spring.

The most important part of layering is to have fun. Take advantage of the chance to play around with some key pieces in your wardrobe that you might otherwise have forgotten about. Layering ensures that even lighter pieces aren’t wasted in your wardrobe for months of the year, bringing the potential to see old, forgotten pieces in a whole new light.

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