Check Out High Impact Sports Bras Which Are Important During Workout

It can be argued that, other than obvious physiological, anatomical and biological differences between women and men, perhaps one of the major reasons holding back women’s optimal performance in sports are bouncing boobs. Don’t you think? Seriously, when you’ve done some form of high-intensity or high-impact sports activity before, like basketball, you must know that we have a point.

High Impact Sports Require High Impact Support

Yet, with the availability of high-impact bras, there really isn’t any excuse when it comes to managing how your breasts bounce around during a workout.  Unfortunately, most supportive sports bras fail to provide the high performance support these products often commit. You have to be honest, most of the time, it’s your negligence of the bra wisdom that’s keeping you from getting the results that you want.

So, therefore, listed below are 7 facts about high impact support you need to learn right now:

Fact No. 1: There Are More Features For You To Factor In When Choosing a Sports Bra.

When you’re choosing a regular bra, the only features that you are really considering closely are bra size and cup size.  When choosing a sports bra, you need to also factor in structure, construction, textile and your purpose for using a sports bra.

Fact No. 2: The Type Of Activity That You Will Be Doing Should Be Your First Consideration For Narrowing Down Your Choice Of Sports Bras.

You must discern whether you will be performing a low, moderate or, high-impact sports. If you’re going boxing, basketball or volleyball, where you expect your breasts to bounce around, you want a high impact sports bra.

Fact No. 3: A High-Impact Sports Bra Offers Both Encapsulation And Compression.

Regular sports bra types only provide encapsulation. That means, it holds your breasts and encloses each in a cup but, does not tighten or pull your breasts towards your chest.  These types of sports bras are best for low impact activities only, such as walking.  Sports bras that only provide compression do not have cups to contain each breast and keep these in place. These types of bras are best for low and moderate impact activities only.

High impact sports bras provide both encapsulation and compression which helps better keep your breasts steady, in place and in shape, minimizing breast movement.

Fact No. 4: An Underwire Can Provide Added Breast Support.

Underwired bras provide a harder, steadier structure that helps keep your breast in form but, more importantly, steady and not bouncing around. Just like a Ponds Age Miracle review will probably boast of the product’s CLA4 technology, while another similar anti-aging product will boast of another peptide complex, the same variety also exists in sports bras.
Since some women are not comfortable wearing underwires, which can, in fact, hurt when performing high intensity sports activities, you must also know that there are padded and structured yet wireless bra alternatives.

Fact No. 5: The Shoulders And Back Support Matter As Well. 

High impact bras with a racerback provide the best breast support when you’re expecting to perform high intensity workouts. That’s because a racerback helps distribute the weight of your breasts so that their combined weight do not put unnecessary stress on your back.

Fact No. 6: You Need To Fit Sports Bras. 

Unlike your regular bras, sports bras tend to be tighter for the same size. The high impact varieties normally wear by slipping from your head. That’s why you do need to try on your choices before cashing it in. While you’re at it, jump around and try to observe how well the bra holds your breasts and keeps them in place. At this point, you will also benefit from observing how your bra’s garment helps hold your boobies tight. Different textiles simply perform differently.

Fact No. 7: Consider Getting The Right High Impact Bra As An Investment. 

You want your sports bra to work as hard as you do.  Get an undergarment support that gives you no less than excellent performance.


“All the circuit training, its cardio circuit training, so everything you’re doing, you’re still running up your heart rate. You’re burning, I think, triple the amount of calories than if you were just weight lifting.” That was what Khloe Kardashian sounds like these days, and she just gave you the reason why you need to parallel your high intensity workout with an equally high performance bra

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